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Dear Thomas


            Recently, I have seen the movie The Matrix. This movie is about a man
named Thomas Anderson who is referred to under the alias “Neo”. Neo is a
computer programmer and a hacker. A man named Morpheus contacts Neo. Morpheus
proclaims that everything Neo believes to be true and everything he considers
his knowledge to be false. Morpheus continues as he explains that Neo had been
spending his life living in a world known as a The Matrix where the world is as computer simulation generated by
machines and humans are sedated. Having spent his whole life in The Matrix, Neo must learn of his
reality as Morpheus believes he is the ‘chosen one’ who has the power to change
the matrix and free the minds of the sedated humans.


            The movie The Matrix reminds me of how I would define A contrast case, and
exotic contrast case and an ordinary contrast case. Looking at the contrast
case, Neo appears to conform to the lifestyle he leads in The Matrix but
inevitable he is skeptical of his own reality as it is shown when he believes
something is wrong with the world by his repeated encounters with the term “The
Matrix”. The exotic contrast case is present when Neo is interested in The
Matrix. Trinity originally contacts Neo informing him of The Matrix but it is
unknown if Neo is tricked into believing it is there, leading Neo to want to
contact Morpheus as he is informed by Trinity that Morpheus can explain the
term “The Matrix”. The ordinary contrast case is illustrated in the beginning of
the movie. As Neo lives his life, he believes everything to be right and true
until Morpheus introduces his mind to the false nature of his reality. This
movie also reminds me of my concept that there may be an evil scientist
controlling our minds, making us believe whatever the scientist wishes to. Similarly,
in the movie, the machines control the minds on the humans. The humans are
convinced they are leading a normal life when they are actually in a computer
program separated from the external world.

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            Nagel, this movie consists of many
concepts which you would consider interesting. Your definition of solipsism and
verificationism are illustrated throughout the movie. The idea that nothing is
real and everything exists only in your mind (solipsism) is portrayed; Morpheus
is character whose mind is completely devoid of the false realities the
machines try to force upon the humans. Morpheus is an example of solipsism as
he is aware that nothing is real and everything exists only in his mind.

Verificationism is evident as the humans whose minds are enslaved know that
their idea of things that exist is just what they can observe. The observations
made in this false reality generated by the computer programs is what they
believe to exist; evidently illustrating verificationism. These humans exist in
“a giant dream from which they will never wake up” (Nagel), the humans
experience what they perceive to be reality and have no reason to question
their beliefs/experiences.


            All in all, this movie is one I think
you would quite enjoy and I strongly recommend you watch it.


Thank you,

                        Peter Unger

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