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   David and I went to the Gangnam Art Gallery, “? ?? ??? ????,” which the exhibition is translated as “Want to be a Rich Jobless.” At the exhibition, I was intrigued by the artwork called “?? ?? ????, ?? ??? ??! ???, ??.” This artwork was displayed on the wall as a compilation Kakaotalk screenshots. The title of this was imprinted onto the wall, right by the compilation of the screenshots. There were 8 pictures, each representing the irritating situation of Korean college student that every Koreans can relate to. Each situation was expressed by the Kakaotalk, the commercialized online messenger service which is commonly used. The plot is based on the group chat of a group of college students, who have to work on an assignment together. The first plot is about planning the date that they would gather to work on their group assignment. The main character, or you, ask about meeting at Wedsenday but the other group members make excuses such as, “sorry we have a family ritual that day…” or “sorry my phone was on mute, I just checked the message.” The context the main character, or you trying to send to the group is hilarious and expresses his or her true emotions against the group, which they can’t actually express due to their social relationship. The text is written is, “?? ??? ??? ??? ??.” To most Koreans of young generations, who suffer similar situations, understand what these initial consonant mean. To us, or at least I interpreted consonants as “?* ?*? ??* ??* ?*.” These translated, mean an extremely offensive word which we wish we could tell those thoughtless people directly. In the second plot, you ask your group members when the PPT would be completed because you need to prepare for the presentation tomorrow, but the person who has to create the slide could not complete the slide because he has not received the materials for composing the slide. Later that day, the person responsible for preparing and sending the materials said that because today is the family ritual, I’ll send the files tomorrow even when the presentation is due the next day. The text that “you” want to send says, “You said last Wednesday was a ritual too, you bastard!” in a much more worse form in Korean with the emoji of a bunny (that resembles Roy) kicking the ground. Other plots also have similar situations such as sneaking off from a duty of creating the PPT or sending a text message saying that I’m sorry because I was sleeping yesterday due to the drug I took for my illness, so is the work done? Or saying that they have done their part of research and that they have sent the materials to the PPT creator, but all they did was just copy and paste from Wikipedia. Such selfishness is well being expressed just by just the text messages via Kakaotalk. Thanks to the vivid and realistic expression, I was able to sympathize with such situations. It was not as dramatic as the ones exhibited, but I was definitely able to relate to a similar experience. I’m also sure that most people who visited the exhibition could understand and feel the anger together as the plot somehow was relating to the general example of selfishness but in a humorous way. The way of expressing the anger of the writer was so realistic without any filter that I felt vicarious satisfaction and similarity with my own experience. This work showed me that it is not just me that experience the selfishness of the Koreans and reminded me of how selfishness always makes someone else feel uneasy. The title of this work also expresses his group members as the social evil and that it was such a disgrace to work with you scums. Because this work excellently showed the true side of current society, I learned that you can reflect the social problems within your artwork. This artist used humor to friendly approach to us the concept of selfishness. Afterwards, I feel like I may be able to reflect social problems within my work either using humor just like the one I have watched, or by other methods which I believe I can come up with later on.

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