Cyber-crimes nationality, citizenship and the placement of duty.

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are arising from time to time, therefore the struggle of regulating the laws
are getting tougher. There are many interpretations of laws within the crime
list which have been covered in accordance with Cyber Crimes Statutes.
Different countries have different effects on crimes in relation with
cyberspace. The jurisdiction is mainly to recognise on the authoritative work
done by the nation to object, accept and to bring changes by punishments. These
lies within the particular own country not existing the trust on other
countries. There are many difficulties Cyber-crimes have problems in regulating
the laws.

are widely separated within Malaysia in various statutes as Multimedia and
Communications Act 1998, Multimedia Commission Act 1998, Digital Signature Act
1997, Computer Crimes Act 1997, Telemedicine Act 1997 and Copyright (Amendment)
Act 1997. In Malaysia, the geographical based jurisdiction shall be referred to
Section 9 of the Computer Crimes Act 1997 where the section interprets the
offence within the Malaysian territory, in effect of nationality, citizenship
and the placement of duty. This brings an effect to the Malaysian citizen even
if he has committed the wrongful act against other countries and within
Malaysia. Computer usage must be within Malaysia where programming is done
within the nation. Any proceedings will gone through within the supervision of
the extradition of people even it happens outside the region of Malaysia.

comes within the principality of state. This is in relation in the overall
jurisdiction internationally. Extradition in this case is a territorial law as
it is projected to ask a convict or a perpetrator to go for a trial base or to set
for punishment, because there will be no specific jurisdiction in getting
through the State, there comes the extradition to be applied in all case which
engages the territorial scope. Therefore in Cyber Crimes Act 1997 of Section 9
which discusses on the territorial scope, as in this case the extradition
principles shall be laid down to prove the guilty mind in cyber-crimes. The
extradition treaty is a bilateral treaty where it brings about a thought of
accused or perpetrators to offer themselves in justice of jurisdiction.
Therefore, the level of witness and evidence shall be taken into account. The
extradition laws shall be proven within the principles, where these principles
are not very vital to be proven. Influence of nationality on extortion, Nature
of the extraditable offence, double criminality, Speciality and Capital
punishment. This jurisdiction will be prevailed within the territorial scope in
the nature of an act which is against the laws of the state and adjudicatory
jurisdiction shall be enforced. 

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