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Currently there are many emerging technologies available
which improve E-Commerce based businesses in many ways. Static Web sites that
users simply read and navigate through with a non-interactive presence have
given way to newer versions Web 2.0 and 3.0 which allow user to actively
participate and customize each users experience. The internet E-Commerce
technologies are not your father’s experience anymore.


            Web sites
can be developed internally or externally. Many hosting sites offer web page
design applications that will allow even the novice user to develop a company
web site. These applications can also help to establish real-time
communications with inventory, shipping & receiving, and even customer
support representatives.


With some additional research of
competitor’s web sites, competitive shipping costs can be established, and
marketing strategies can be developed to focus impact our customer
demographics. Reviewing competitor’s return policies, web navigation or layout
and design, customer based incentive plans, and advertising avenues, will help
us to further develop the best customer experience possible.

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are some risks with e-commerce web sites and there are ways to mitigate that
risk. Some risks include hackers, DoS attacks, virus infections, hardware
failures, software failures, infrastructure failures, power outages, natural
disasters and the list seems to go on. All of these risks can mean loss of
revenue from web site inaccessibility. To mitigate these risks we can take
steps to lower our exposure such as using an outside company to provide a
secured web hosting service, or https. They can maintain the hardware,
software, shopping cart, datacenter operations, and we can focus on our
customers and providing them the best e-commerce shopping experience possible.






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