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Chico State University
Chico State University is a school for a student that is in search of being successful in his/her life. It is a school that can open up a student and help them find what they would want to be, by providing the useful classes of tomorrow. These classes are top-notch and can keep people motivated to work harder, and to strive for their goal And motivation is something that just about everyone needs.

Chico State University is a college located in Chico, California. Chico State was founded in 1887. “General John Bidwell, pioneer, statesman, and founder of Chico, donated eight acres of cherry orchard, and construction began on Chico State Normal School.”(“CSU History”). With out his donation, CSU would not be in existence. In 1890, the school finally opened with ninety student and five teachers. In 1935, Chico School became Chico State College. And then in 1972, Chico State College was changed to a California State University, hence the name “Chico State University.” The property of CSU has also expanded to one hundred and nineteen acres. On top of that, CSU has eight hundred acres of farmland, and two hundred and forty acres of rangeland. The school colors are cardinal and white, and CSU proudly holds the mascot of the wildcatsmall, cunning, agile, the wildcat represents every student that attends CSU. The sports at CSU consist of: track and field, men and women’s basketball, baseball, softball, men and women’s soccer, volleyball, men and women’s golf, and cross county. The men’s baseball team is more notably known for 2004’s CCAA and West Region Championship victories. And the womenLets just say they are putting up a great effort in all of their
sports. But the girls teams are not the only teams trying, the CSU Athletic Community as a whole is trying their hardest.

The CSU has two types of on-campus housing that they offervillage and residential. The apartment fees are seven thousand four hundred and ninety three dollars for a resident room. For the thematic living program, it costs four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars. The “apartments are comfortable, affordable, and convenient–the ideal place to live for first-time Chico State students”(“Housing”). Something like that, should help a student in the choosing of whether or not they would want to go to the collegeBut that is based if the student’s last requirement was how the housing was. The names of the housing building are: Konkow Hall, Mechoopda Hall, Esken Hall, Whitney Hall, Shasta Hall, and Lassen Hall. Whitney Hall also doubles as a food court where the students can eat to nourish their brains for the oncoming waving of information. In the food court, there are three meals a day Monday thru Friday, and two meals a day Saturday thru Sunday. There is a list of fifteen different meals to choose from so that there is a variety that keep the students coming back for more. The residential housing comes with a meal plan that is included with the fees for staying in the apartments. Meal cards can be purchased for the Whitney Dinning Hall, so that the student doesn’t need to carry around the cash for a meal.

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The total number of students at CSU is fifteen thousand- seven hundred and fifty four. The total number of teachers is eight hundred and fifty seven, which brings the student to teach ratio to twenty-seven students to one teacher. The number of freshman
enrolled in CSU each year is about three thousand and three hundred, which this year is making up of twenty two percent of the school’s enrolled students. To prove how diverse
CSU is, they state, “Our students come from 48 nations, 38 states, and 1 U.S. territory” (“Students”). This shows that CSU is a very diverse university, and that people don’t just come from California. Whether you are Black, White, Hispanic, or anything else, you are
welcome at CSU. The students at CSU have many different clubs and activities that they can choose from to join, and there is just about any club or extracurricular activities to suit the wants of an enrolled CSU student. The activities that are offered are things like drug and alcohol awareness programs, student photography lessons, leadership programs, ducks unlimited club, Japanese animation clubs, and much much more. There are also many sororities and fraternities that students can join, like the delta chi fraternity, and the alpha chi sorority. From the average GPAs and the average SAT scores, you need a 3.20+, and had to have scored a 1040+ on the SATs. The costs for being enrolled into CSU as and undergraduate for zero to six units it is one thousand-eighty eight dollars per semester, and for more than six units, it is one thousand five hundred and seventy-seven dollars per semester.

The city Chico is located at the top of the Sacramento Valley, east of I-5 in Butte County. John Bidwell founded Chico in 1860. It was incorporated into a city when it hit one thousand people and was 6.6 square miles. Chico’s current city size is 29 square miles. Its current population is one hundred and one thousand. There is now a recreational park that is in honor of John Bidwell, and the things that he did for Chico. The park is three thousand six hundred and seventy acres, features many bike trails, and
hiking trails. The average elevation of the city is 200ft. above sea level across town. Downtown is approximately 195ft., and on the airport runway, the approximate height above see level is 238ft. The city council is made up of Steve Bertanga, Scott Gruendlwho is the mayor, Dan Herbert, Maureen Kirkwho is vice mayor, Ann Schwab, and Larry Wahl. Every two terms a new mayor and vice major is chosen for a full two terms; the mayor does not have to be reelected for the second term. The mayor presides over the council meetings that are held every first and third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Chico is known for, “Olives, kiwi fruit, grain, and nursery stock are also grown, and cattle are raised. Principal manufactures are processed foods, aircraft parts, and beer.”(“Chico”). Chico is a very live town with much to offer as can been seen. One of the things that Chico is known for is itss excessive parties. Though many people do not look at it as a bad thing, there are people who think the exact opposite. Many of the students at CSU party, and some even go to CSU just for the Chico parties. In a recent interview with my cousin Dalton Browne, I asked him if Chico actually lives up to it’s reputation of a “party city”. He then answered my question, “To be completely honest you, yes is.”(Browne Interview). Even though the city is known for the horsing around, people still go there to learn because of the great things CSU has to offer.

In conclusion, Chico State University is a school for a student that is in search of being successful in his/her life. In doing this research, a person might have learned a vast amount about the Chico State University, and the city of Chico itself as a whole. So, whether the student would want to be a contractor, graphics artist, or the student just
wants to know what he or she wants to do with their life, Chico State University is the school for them.

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