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Analysis: Brave New World (by Aldous Huxley)

            The novel Brave New
World depicts a dystopian society whereas its people were not born but were
genetically engineered. As people were created artificially, aging, emotions,
and diseases became non-existent; also the same goes for literature and arts
(Linden 26). This futuristic novel of Aldous Huxley gives the readers an
understanding of the dangers of eliminating one’s individuality and freedom. As
for literary lenses, this novel can be viewed through the lens of new historicism
because of when the novel was published. The novel was produced in 1932 that
suggests to being a reference to how the book was made because it was the year
where the world experienced the Great Depression and also Hitler came rising to
power. With the Great Depression, unemployment rate rises and food shortages,
class differences of the society of the said year became obviously shown, this
also can be the reference of Huxley to his classes of society of the World
State. The novel also shows Huxley’s opinions on technology and how the society
uses it.

solution to a perfect society is to what the Brave New World is trying to
present. In the novel, the “bokanovskification process” is the
fictional process used to reproduce or to clone a human to a distinct class
level and to condition its duties within the society in which they are all
satisfied with. This distinct class levels such as the; Alpha, being the
highest class in which Bernard Marx belong, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon.
Huxley’s futuristic approach effectively shown as he displays the dangers of
conformity by using oppositions to show his opinions. Lenina, one of the main
characters of the novel, states, “Yes, every one belongs to everyone
else” (Huxley 43), she points out the idea of communism that suggests the
elimination of any kind of ownership in order to remove class separation.  This quote of Lenina became an opposition
because she is conditioned to approve to the concept of conformity, but,
however, class distinction, which is present in the novel, goes against
communism. This point shows Huxley that he believed more in the concept of
class distinction than of communism. The idea that Huxley wants to show
regarding class distinction is that it needs balance for the people. His idea
is that class distinction should be able to assist the lower classes to improve
and climb up to the society and not be used as suppression for lower classes.
While for communism it gradually consumes individuality and freedom of an
individual or society.

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for technology it obviously showed in the novel with the use of
“bovkanovskification process” to create people. Huxley’s futuristic
thoughts came to be as inventions were still made during the Great Depression.
It is negatively shown in the novel as to Huxley to show his idea of how far
could science and technology can go and how this can be used by government or
higher-class men to rule and have control over a society.

the use of an artificial process of creating people, psychological conditioning
and the drug, soma, which is used by the government to control its people and
its effects described by Mustapha Mond, “Euphoria, narcotic, pleasantly
hallucinant” (Huxley 53). This is the point that Huxley is trying to make
that is for to not go overboard with the use of science and technology. He
informs the reader with the exaggerations to show the effects and the dangers
of abusing the use of these innovations. As for this point, Huxley uses one of
the characters in the novel to express his idea towards science, as Mustapha
Mond said, “Every discovery in pure science is potentially subversive;
even science must sometimes be treated as a possible enemy” (Huxley 225).
For example like the use of soma, the government uses it to suppress one’s mind
not knowing that this too leads to more problems. Not only the novel warns the
reader what could happen in the future but it also predicts what is happening
in today’s period, like the “bovkanovskification process” which is
similar to test tube babies or genetic engineering which also had the same idea
of creating life artificially.

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