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Critical Assignment 1: High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Chauntae Marmolejo

California Baptist University

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Spring 2018











             Critical Assignment 1: High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

The topic of high blood pressure intrigued me for a few different reasons. A few of my loved ones have been struggling with high blood pressure for quite some time. For that reason, I haven’t furthered my research due to fear of what information I might find. Another reason that I find interest in high blood pressure is because this disease occurs in almost 50% of Americas adult population. Along with high blood pressure many middle-aged adults are also diagnosed with hypertension. Hypertension occurs when a person’s blood pressure remains high from a long period of time.

According to the California Health Interview survey, Los Angeles county has one of the highest statewide average for adults diagnosed with high blood pressure (2001). Information show that out of every two Adults aged 45 or older, one will be diagnosed with high blood pressure in their lifetime. Counties such as Lake-Mendocino and Imperial County are at 47% of the population with high blood pressure. Lake Mendocino County has a population of 29,000 individuals and Imperial County has a population of 20,000 individuals. Lynwood, Compton and Paramount are at 48%, these three cities have a combined adult population of 106,000 (2001). At 48% that’s approximately 50,880 individuals that have high blood pressure.

Hypertension rates are similar in population percentages, with Merced being at 46%, Tulare and Antelope Valley being at 45%. Merced has a population of 28,000 individuals while Tulare has 48,000 individuals and Antelope Valley has 39,000 individuals. There are a few lower high blood pressure percentages in California, Marin is 27% and Malibu to Westchester is 30%. Marin has a population of 29,000 individuals and Malibu to Westchester has a combination of 68,000 individuals.

With high blood pressure being so common in adults it brings the question of – What is causing high blood pressure? A few factors that can cause high blood pressure in adults are drinking alcohol, smoking, high salt intake and obesity. Unfortunately, another factor is genetics, this disease is often found to be hereditary. CHIS reported that during 2001 and 2005, diabetes and blood pressure rates increased in adults. These growths were also related to a similar increase in obesity as well as less exercise among all age groups (2008).

Over the time span from 2001-2005 many health diseases increased, although high blood pressure had the most substantial rise. In California alone a 6.7% rise in both male and female adults was with high blood pressure was recorded (2008). These rates are continuing to increase which ultimately leads to many additional health problems. Heart disease and stroke are related to uncontrolled high blood pressure (2014). Heart disease is the top cause of death in California followed by having a stroke being the third most common cause of death (2014).

To avoid high blood pressure to develop into a stroke, heart disease or other serious health problems; adults and children need to take preventative measures. There is no cure for high blood pressure but there are ways to decrease high blood pressure and avoid hypertension. Elimination of high salt meals and a well-balanced diet, lose excess weight, limit alcohol intake, quit smoking and taking prescribed medications; will significantly decrease high blood pressure. Children that start out with poor lifestyle changes will have a greater chance of developing high blood pressure in their mid to late adulthood years.

This topic seems to be an underlying health issue for not only my family but an unnecessary portion of the United States. A major public health challenge is faced in the previously discussed counties with a significant number of individuals continuing to live with high blood pressure. Schools providing more in-depth education to children and teenagers on making healthy food choices, followed by proper exercise. Will help teenagers get into good habits that can be followed into adulthood. Meanwhile, adults taking precaution on early screening, healthy eating, exercise, medication, and follow up appointments will ensure that high blood pressure rates will decline (2014).





















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