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The bible in the book of Genesis describes the origin of heaven and earth and everything that is in it; God created everything. However, scientist have come up with a theory suggesting that all living creatures came from a common ancestor as opposed to the story of creation. This essay is a summary of what the bible says about the beginning of the world; a personal opinion is given on whether Christians should oppose what the science claims or not.

The beginning of the universe as described in the bible

In the book of Genesis, God created heaven and earth and everything that is in it. The story of creation is found in the book of Genesis chapters one and two: “The earth was then formless and void, darkness was all over and the spirit of God hovered all over” (The Bible 1).

God went on and separated light and darkness and he called light a day and darkness a night. He also separated water and dry land after which He commanded land to produce seed bearing plants and trees and just by that word, there were seed bearing plants and trees. Living creatures were also created. Lastly, God created man in his own image and blessed him; he gave him power to rule over all his creation and commanded him to fill the world (Mueller 41).

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Adam and Eve were later placed in the Garden of Eden and God gave them access to all fruits except fruits from the tree of knowledge of good and evil which was at the middle of the garden. Adam and Eve went against God’s command and ate the fruit they were commanded not to eat. This signified the fall of humanity and a new beginning for the human race (Mueller 40).

Christians believe in the story of creation because, according to their faith, this Supreme Being (God) is able to perform things beyond their understanding. They believe in supernatural things that God can perform and no man can explain. To Christians, the bible is a very important book as it helps them to know who they are, what they ought to do, the right choices that they ought to make and the consequences of those choices.

In addition, the teachings in the bible on the right choices that one should make have been proven to be the best choices since better consequences have been experienced. Christians believe in the bible because many prophecies that were prophesied long time ago have come to pass.

Compatibility of the story of creation and evolution

There is a conflict between scientists and Christians which has been brought about by the evolutional theory. According to the evolution theory, all living organisms descended from a common ancestor. According to Charles Darwin (the person who developed the theory), human beings developed from a common species of an animal known as ape. This contradicts the bible since the bible does not state anything close to that. I am therefore of the opinion that these two concepts, creation and evolution are not compatible.

In evolution there is no creator. In fact, we are not even told where the ape originated from. According to the bible, God is the creator of all living things. From the bible we are able to understand our origin, our purpose in life and this helps us to develop an insight as to why we should make some choices (Guenther 1).

Some geologists have also presented theories which suggest that the earth existed even before the biblical creation. I strongly believe that this is not true as there is no evidence to support this. As stated earlier, many things that were written in the bible have come to pass and therefore I have no doubt that the story of creation is true and real (Robinson 1).

Should Christians choose faith against science?

The debate on evolution is a big dilemma. Some people advocate that evolution education should be taught in schools while others oppose this idea. In particular, many Christians oppose evolution theory as it contradicts what the bible says.

I am of the opinion that significant changes in species have occurred but the idea of one species evolving to other is quite questionable. However, Christians have a choice to believe or not to believe what the scientists say. They should therefore be careful as they make this decision, as they need to consider the impact it may have on their faith.


Heaven and earth with everything in them were created by God according to the bible. Through faith, Christians strongly believe that God is the owner of the universe and everything that is in it. Scientists on the other hand have come up with a theory that says otherwise and it is therefore very crucial for Christians to decide what to believe in, keeping in mind their faith. Christians should also trust the bible as it is a prophetic book whose prophecies have come to pass.

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