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By definition, the word religion refers to collection or a set of cultural and belief systems that explain the cause for nature, universe, and humanity with respect to a superhuman power (William 23). In addition, religion may refer to faith in a certain belief but generally, religion aims at relating humanity to spirituality and moral values (William 21). Religion has several aspects that explain the universe and origin of life, which include sacred histories, oral and written traditions, and symbols. Religion further explains the meaning of life, give moral values attributed to it and lifestyle preferred for the members of the religion. It also encompasses religion laws as well as superhuman power that control its followers. Further religion involves organized behaviors among its followers such as prayers, services and meetings, holy places, and enrolment for membership.

Religions have different practices such as sacrifices, sermons, and activities in reference to their god or gods (William 22). Development of religion takes different form of beliefs and cultures depending on their faith. Some religions emphasize more on belief rather than practice while others do the contrary focusing on a religious individual’s experience. Others consider the activities of the community to be most important in religion (William 30). With this knowledge of religion in mind, the focus of this paper is to create a religion, defend it and give arguments for its legibility as a religion. Religion in Creation. It was during my scholarly work that I came across a religion in creation in one of the clans in my home state.

The clan has started a religion by the name “Emukona” meaning them belief in their god who is ever living. During my quest to know more about this religion they gave a narrative of their belief to the meaning of life, the human nature, the origin of the universe, their religion laws and some of their practices and beliefs. The narrative started with the origin of the ukuna clan, which god boahz created. The god lives in a holy mountain in the Chile from where he patrols the world to see the good and wrong doers.

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Their god is such powerful that he created everything that is in existence in seven days just like most of the religions belief. However, their god rested on the Sabbath that to them is on Friday. They treat Friday as a holy day and use the day in reference to their god. In creation of man they belief that god created both man and woman. However, they belief that god gave priority to the creation of man after which he created the woman. They belief that their god created man prior to the woman in order to put him in charge of everything that is on the universe.

They therefore belief that women are subject to men especially in the case of married couples where the husband should always be the head in the family. The religion therefore expects women to respect their husbands and not talk when they are talking. They further belief that life has a beginning and an end and only their god who knows when life ends. They belief that the evil doers die sooner than the righteous due to the wrath directed upon them by boahz. They belief that god is a burning fire who does not associate with any evil or injustice. Their god has two prophets whom they use when offering their sacrifices to him.

The two prophets are “medi” and “moka”. Moka is the prophet of sacrifices who is in charge of the life while medi is the prophet of prayers who is also associated with living right with god. This are the only prophets whom they belief in. On the meaning of life, they believe that life starts on conception.

They therefore believe that abortion is an unforgivable sin as it ends life. On the other hand, they belief life does not have an end for all those who have leved righteously according to the beliefs. After death, the righteous go to stay with the god as they continue with their godly deeds. However, for the evil doers they belief their life end immediately after their death and they therefore burn them to ash as they do not have any association with their god. They further believe that human life is very important and they give maximum respect to it where any form of crime such as murder or war that may end life is highly forbidden. Any one who commits murder in any form is burnt alive using sulphur as their god watches and this marks the end of such a sinner. They belief that unity, peace and love is the principle to guard human life no matter the religion they belong to.

They emphasizes that the followers of the religion should live like brothers and sisters even with people from other religions. However, the followers of their religion have taboos that hold them from engaging in some of the practices that other religion practice. Their religion has several laws that help to live in accordance to their god. They belief that they have only one god whom they should refer at all times such as when in sorrow, happiness and in times of troubles. They belief when they call this god, boahz, he sends his only two prophets depending on the reason of their call. Once the prophets descend to listen to their cries, they take the feedback to their god who answers their call immediately, after a short time or he may not respond to their call. However, they insisted that most of the times he answers to their calls immediately.

They belief in holiness, righteousness, love, peace, humility, generosity and unity to all people no matter their religion, race, origin or ethnic group. These principles are adhered to the maximum otherwise; they face the consequences of disobedience from their god. They further belief that doing well is for ones benefit as it gives one a chance to live with their god. In addition, they belief that debt are associated with the devil and the followers make sure they stay away from the debts.

They also belief that their god heals and going to hospital is a sin, and that all people are equal no matter their race, color or origin. Other people’s properties are important as individual properties and should be given maximum care. Their priests are above all other followers and should lead the followers to right direction. This religion governs the morals of the followers, everyone must be morally upright, and any kind of immorality is a sin that leads to the sinner being burned alive. On practices and beliefs, the religion emphasizes on sacrifices than other forms of worship, although prayers, songs and sermons accompany these sacrifices. There are chosen priest who offer the sacrifices as they belief that their god is so powerful and deserves clean and blameless offerings. Before the sacrifices, these priests must cleanse themselves through prayer and fasting and wait for the answer from their god on whether they are acceptable to offer the offering or not. The religion has holy places under chosen types of trees where they gather to offer the sacrifices.

They usually offer a fat he goat that is between one and half to two years old. During the offering day, the priests and the followers match toward the holy place in songs and prayers pleading for mercies and acceptance of the sacrifice to their god. Upon reaching the holy place, they offer the sacrifices with a sermon and then depart with their call answered or they wait for the response.

In addition, the religion belief in offering gifts to their gods especially after the harvests. They take their harvests to the holy place as a point of thanksgiving, which is then given to the less fortunate people like the orphans. They further gather for matrimonial ceremonies and funeral services.

During these activities, there are rites and offerings that they offer to their god. In a matrimonial ceremony, the couple is dressed in white clothes as an indication of a holy matrimonial. They also offer two he goats to plead with god to bless and accept the new family.

On the other hand, the funeral services depend with the kind of a person being buried. For a righteous person, they are buried together with the tools they were using in the day-to-day activities as they belief that they continue with their normal lives together with their god. For an evil doer they are burnt to ash. Arguments in Defense of This Religion. According to the definition of religion as a collection or a set of cultural and belief systems that explain the cause for nature, universe, and humanity with respect to a superhuman power (William 23), this religion has several practices and beliefs associated with this definition. In the case of Emukona religion they have supernatural power in which they belief in boahz, their god. They give reference to him as the source of their life, the source of the universe and humankind.

They further associate with this god as their spiritual source of blessings. In addition, they have several beliefs in religion laws that they follow. The religion is good in the sense that it emphasizes on love, peace and unity. A religion should have guidelines and principles for the followers’ way of life and for the Emukona religion, there are explicitly defined principles.

The religion emphasizes on the importance of human life and there are painful penalties for anyone who does not adhere to the laws relating to human life.


Religion starts with a group of people and then grows to be a community, national or international religion. A religion may start as a clan religion and become an international religion in future but the motive of starting any religion should have explicit principles guiding the followers.

Work cited

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