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In today’s technologically advanced world organisations and businesses have been imperatively forced to streamline their processes to concur with the modern requirements. The main cause of this is the internet. With the change in communication and data transfer methods associated with the internet, organisations have advanced the way they do business. The internet’s presence and availability does not however cut as beneficial across the board with all organisations, it varies as per the intent, absolute nature and role of an organisation. The use of websites by organisations to act as the link or face of the organisation in the internet has enabled companies to transact on a wider scale as a result of the internet making the world a “global village”.

Hospitality organisations and other organisations

Hospitality organisations are in more ways than one similar to any other organisations starting from the structure or flow of events on to other matters such as the leadership structure. The key variation only occurs in the functionality or services rendered. As a result of this hospitality organisations do undergo similar challenges just as other organisations as far as websites are concerned. They have also fallen victim of the website uproar that has been affecting every other company and organisation in recent times. They have gone on to create very catchy websites which focus more on entertaining the site viewer by the use of very many attractive graphic design adds on the site which in most cases only serve to divert viewers’ attention. Hence the site viewer will be more focused towards this other ‘non-essential’ attractions and thus missing the key point of visiting the site in the first place and thus business is only lost (“Challenges for Hospitality”, 2011).

Reasons why websites are bad for business

Poor designs

In as much as websites have been purported and acclaimed to be the absolute way to go for any businesses in modern times they have their consequences that need to be mentioned.

Websites might be bad for business for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is the fact that they might not be able to fully show the real capabilities of a company especially if poorly designed. Many small businesses for instance prefer to do cheap websites in a mission to save money which in the long run ends up costing the business more that they had ever anticipated.

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This is particularly due to the fact that customers or viewers of a website a very hasty decisions on whether to stay or leave a site hence any slight sign of dislike of a site is a leave call for them, hence a poorly designed website if detrimental to a business (Carmody, 2010).

Improper optimisation

Another reason as to why websites might be bad for a business is lack proper website optimisation. This means that a website is poorly delivered.

For a local company for instance the term optimisation essentially means that the website is configured towards real business prospects which incorporates a use of the right vocabulary used to describe the products as well as the services offered by the company hence capturing the attention of people looking for solutions. A website with inappropriate optimisation is as good as useless as it will never attract the people who actually do need the solutions hence the business owner will for most part always complain of how his or her site is technologically advanced but fails to attract the clientele (Morel, 2011).

Writers concerns

The concerns raised by this writer about flashy web designs not being good for business also apply to hospitality websites. For example a hospitality website that is more concentrated on the flashy and attractive graphic designs always leads the customer further away from the important points.

Thus the website will for most part not get business as most viewers fail to actually pin point what exactly they needed as a result of the catchy graphic design adds (Marsili & Carnright, 2011). Another key thing mentioned by the writer is the fact that all this additional graphic design features make the site heavy and thus takes time to load which is a big turn off to potential clients. Website viewers are known to be very impatient especially if it a site that they have not visited before. They thus want a site to load fast and they get whatever they wanted and leave. Hence as the writer puts it making your site heavy will only work towards chasing away clients who are not patient enough to wait for the heavy site to load (Marsili & Carnright, 2011).


In conclusion, organisations need to be very prudent and careful when creating websites for their organisations. A website is the make or break point of the business on the internet thus with a good site an organisation is guaranteed of leaps and bounds in the online business aspect. Organisations need to be well aware of all the requirements necessary before masquerading themselves in bad websites and later on complaining.

Organisations need to invest keenly into good websites if they have any hopes of floating there business out to the entire globe.


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