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Experience, skills, and abilities that I can offer your company include. i. ____________ (Years) of experience in the sales and marketing, 6 of those in sales management; ii. Selling services to commercial, institutional, and consumer markets; iii. A record of consistently meeting or exceeding sales quotas; iv.

Extensive team management and team building experience; v. Excellent grasp of “one to one” customer relationship management concepts and techniques; vi. Ability to work effectively in a dynamic, multi- tasking environment. The enclosed resume provides more details on the above, as well as on other experience, skills, and abilities that I possess. I am confident that my ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with customers will benefit your company.

I believe that my excellent record of success in closing sales, winning back customers from competitors, and increasing market share, clearly demonstrates my proven ability to meet and resolve customer challenges and add to a company’s bottom-line. After you’ve reviewed my resume, I would welcome an opportunity to discuss your company’s goals and talk to you about the value that I can bring to your company. Your Sincerely,(Your Name)

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