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Cosmopolitanism sometimes refer to the attitude of global citizenship, in which everyone has rights to matters that concern the global population. It may also be used as an approach to discuss socio-cultural phenomenons and individual dispositions that exhibit the ability to partake in and appreciate cultural diversity. Being a cosmopolitan is someone who can picture himself or herself achieving a certain level of familiarity in any local culture. Adjustment becomes very easy for cosmopolitans as the state of mind is more attuned to managing meaning. Cosmopolitanism as a behaviour allows for the unprecedented possibility of building international frameworks that tie activist bodies together. It is also a concept/ term used to question typical ideas of identitarianism in the non-communitarian perspective. The actual capability of functioning in a foreign local culture through the acquisition of competence distinguishes behaviour from attitude.(2)In contrast to multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism is now increasingly invoked to avoid the pitfalls of essentialism within a nation-state framework. Cosmopolitanism suggests something that transcends the nation-state model and is able to mediate actions and ideals oriented both to the global and the local. Therefore,  cosmopolitanism seems to offer a mode of managing cultural and political multiplicities. This is especially so when societies are becoming more multicultural, and the idea of monocultural nation state is being questioned. Geographical barriers no longer cut off ties between a migrant’s country of origin and country of residence. With the ability to maintain such ties, they are better able to adapt to local cultures. Whether they are permanent settlers or temporary migrants, transnational migrants will be able to straddle one or more cultures and societies. The notion of dual citizenship is also an issue of discussion as it would not have such a great impact on assimilation policies since migrants are able to hold onto both citizenships.

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