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This paper will focus on core strategies of USED BOOKS, GAMES and MUSIC Company. Core strategies of a company are the fundamental principles that facilitate achievement of the set goals. It is essential to have clear goals in order to compete profitably. This paper will analyze the core strategies of this Company and how they relate to product positioning and value for customers.


This Company aims at facilitating access to scholarly academic literature, games and music at the lowest cost possible. Used books are not costly hence reducing the company’s operation cost. Low operation costs will enable the business to have a competitive edge within the market environment. The vision of this Company is to increase efficacy to access of academic and entertainment facilities (Jelassi & Enders, 2008).

Core Strategies

Our core strategies revolve around improvement of the customer service and customer satisfaction. They include the following:

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Developing and implementing corporate reformation processes to enhance the effective provision of services to the customers. The Company aims at meeting their customer demands through the provision of less costly products and services.
Establishment and evaluation of service priorities on regular basis. The Company aims at providing its customers with an opportunity to air their views regarding the services offered and improvements that need to be made (Jelassi & Enders, 2008).
Provide a linkage between the academic literature and entertainment products at the lowest costs possible.
Develop economic prospects that provide a stable economic base through the protection of intellectual property.
Track for local, national and international working relations that create global awareness of the Company products and services.
To become an international Company through provision of most affordable services within the business environment (Drejer, 2002).
To promote implementation on of effective supply chains that facilitates valuable provision of services.
Provide an effective customer interface system to ease resolution of issues arising among the customers (Jelassi & Enders, 2008).
Attract customers through improvement of products and services that match their demands.
Attract and retain skilled and knowledgeable workforce that aids effective provision of services.

Our interior branding rudiments are catered for by the provision of podcast, a site that has a wide variety of academic collections and different genres of music (Spence, 2009).

About Us

Company Overview

USED BOOKS, GAMES and MUSIC, is a service provision Company that relies on the internet to facilitate its operations at both regional and international levels. The Company aims at providing academic materials, games and music on online basis in order to reach its target market. The main products and services provided by the Company will include used books, games and a wide variety of music (Jelassi & Enders, 2008).

Mission Statement and Objectives

The mission statement of the Company is to ensure that customers get scholarly academic materials and entertainment products at the lowest cost possible at any given time. The objectives include the following:

To maximize profits and markets share through the provision of cost efficient product and services.
To facilitated access to academic materials and entertainment facilities with the most flexible payment methods
Promotion of legal and ethical values through protection of intellectual property (Bontrager, 2004).

Key Words and Title Tags

The key words and title tags are aimed at facilitating direct search for the preferred books, games or music. These can be listed as follows:

Books will be a key word for the site to enable customers to search for books of their choice. This will be customized by tags such as browse by subjects, author, children books to facilitate search for books. Games toolbar will also be incorporated in the site to enable quick search for games.

Title tags for games will include racing, action, mind, ball games and athletics. This will facilitates advanced search for these games. To facilitate quick and easier search for music the site will provide customers with tags such as music by artists name or genre. This will also show download links once customers have identified their favorite music (Allison & Kaye, 2005).


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