Coprehending consumer’s patronage towards insurance is very vital, because it requires not only monetary but tactful religious and cultural aspect of business life. Ghana has low percentage of assess to insurance policies (excluding public health insurance) in 2011. Study suggest that people have faily or no knowlegde how insurance policies work or about insurance product, according to Mabel Nana Nyarkoa Porbley (2016) people have been known to buying third-party  insurance for some quite expensive cars, it is inadequate and brings a lot of financial stress to the owners in a mishap.However, Religion, norms, values and culture of people accomodate positive/negative reasoning of insurance policies, despite the fact that low income individuals are usually concentraing on business improvement and sustainability, small business holders may not be willing to take any amount of money outside their business, except fot thier consumptional needs. Even those with little understanding of insurance policies may likely not participate in the policy. The world we live in is very risky,thats why insurance is very vital. Death, calamities and other forms of contingency can befall anyone without notice. Damages and losses are a part of our daily life, there is need to be ready for any unforceen circumrtances. The  best ways to ensure that the victims or successors continue to live a happy life in case of death is to be insured.Agricultural enterprises are usually faced with many risks and uncertainties, some of which are natural hazards such as floods, drought, fire outbreak, diseases and pest attacks and also banks that have been victims of serious robbery would not be able to continue their operation if they were not insured . It thus becomes pertinent to investigate the socio-cultural variables that affect peoples patronage of insurance companies. Such variables include religion, gender, education, ethnicity, language and cultural beliefs, among others.

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