Consistency the highest growth rate. Providing good products

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Consistency with SWOT

Morrisons supply chain is the key strengths of the market analyst. Morrisons have also remained one of the ‘big 4′ supermarkets in the UK, this is a huge opportunity for Morrisons because once UK leaves EU; it will allow Morrisons to expand in the wholesale market (appendix 4).


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Morrisons’ market strategies that align with strengths and opportunities is the efficient supply chain and distribution network, the company owns 17 manufacturing sites and that’s what differentiates the company from competitors. Morrison’s baggiest strengths are the development of Fresh Food in the market which helps them have the highest growth rate. Providing good products at a competitive price in Morrisons is what helps the company succeed their strategy (Morrisons, 2009). In the SWOT analysis (appendix 4) one of the main opportunities for Morrisons is the change in shopping habits for the whole supermarket industry. The increase in demand in the UK for organic products is a huge opportunity for Morrisons to expand growth in their product label and worldwide. From the environmental factor in pestle analysis (appendix 5), which suggests that Morrisons reduces its carbon emissions by 12.8% over the past three years (Morrisons, 2017), which suggests that this strategy helps Morrisons reduce waste and stay sustainable in their business ideology (Mintel, 2017). Core competencies is a huge advantage for Morrisons as this helps their strategy focus on serving their customers better, they do this in many different ways such as providing vouchers and discounts. 


The strategic goals for Morrisons are to construct on existing projects by creating innovative and funding models to meet their present and future needs. Morrison’s strategic objective is to make their organisation unique in the UK market, they do this by providing fresh food. Furthermore, in the technology factor (appendix 5) for online shopping industry, Morrisons have a medium risk due to an increase in the trend (Peston, 2014). The reason behind this is because Morrisons does not have their own online website, they work with Ocado to develop their online marketing strategy (Mintel, 2017). For Morrisons, stakeholders are needed when there is a development of the marketing strategy. The control of stakeholders can influence the failure as well as the success of an initiative; therefore it is important for Morrisons to communicate well with their stakeholders.


For Morrisons, having an online retail is an advantage for their business as this can be very easy and it also involves distributing the product as well as supply chain management. From the value chain analysis for Morrisons, it shows that having their own manufacturing facilities they are able to provide fresh food to their consumers at all times. The third primary activity ‘outbound logistics’ suggests that Morrisons currently has the fastest delivery speed from warehouse to shop, 18million cases are distributed to stores. This shows that Morrisons cut their carbon footprint as they reduce their travel distance (appendix 6).

Morrisons has opened up many convenience stores throughout the South in the UK since March 2013 (, 2017), this is due to having in place the right resources and capabilities which has helped Morrison expand. Furthermore, the operation factor for Morrisons suggests that cost savings and freshness is a leading factor in Morrison’s current strategy (appendix 6). Providing good customer service and producing high-quality fresh food which Morrisons already do will help them further expand in the high street market and different areas such as service stations, this will make the strategy extremely feasible. 

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