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An Analysis/Summary of the Situation

The situation under consideration is as follows. A JetBlue Airways Corp attendant was waiting for her shift and an angry intoxicated female messenger came to her and began to threaten her up, and finally spitted in her face. Previously cool JetBlue Airways Corp attendant cursed back to the passenger and left. Later, this JetBlue Airways Corp attendant was accused in inadmissible behavior and dismissed from the position.

An Explanation of the Applicable Business Concepts and Explanation How They Apply to the Situation and/or Solution

The corporate ethics and the relations with the customers are touched in this problem. It is obvious that the attitude to the clients is based on the corporate ethics of the company. If corporation is sure that the client is always right, there is no place for considering the case and making sure that dismissal was illegal.

The company has an opportunity to get an employee back on another position or compensate the loss of the job, but the first action in case the company follows the corporate ethics which supports clients is to dismiss a person and only then consider the situation.

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An Explanation of What Can Be Done by the Decision Maker

However, according to the research, many passengers are dissatisfied with the delays but this is not the sphere of impact of the attendants. The inability to do anything else except for insulting innocent attendants makes many people express their aggression. There may be a lot of ways out which may help a decision maker to solve the problem and to make sure that the similar situation will not happen in the future.

First of all, people should understand that it is inappropriate to act in such a way and opposed to dismissing an attendant, the JetBlue Airways Corp had to JetBlue Airways Corp to turn to the court with the accusation in physical assault. Passengers should understand that it is inappropriate to behave like that. The public consideration of the situation may be helpful.

However, one court procedure cannot eliminate the cases of violence in direction of the attendants. The increased level of delays and other stressful situations in the airport may cause many problems. People should have the place whether they will have an opportunity to get relieved from stress.

The place with the models could be a good variant. People should be able to shout on them or to beat them. The place should be protected from the spectators. Additionally, a free telephone number should be available in case people want to discuss the problem with a living being.

The passengers should have an opportunity to tell everything they think about the company over the telephone to a person who will listen and in case of the necessity may even answer the questions. These people are to be psychologists ready to help those who cannot cope with stress.

Thus, a decision maker should think about the actions which prevent direct aggression passengers rather than on the actions about eliminating the outcomes of the aggression. However, when the case of aggression has already taken place, it is important either to turn to corporate ethics and as the company should follow its promises or to apply to the reasoning and make sure that the justice is applied.

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