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Computing has fascinated me
from the first day I used a computer, just after my grade 10 exams. I vividly
remember the excitement of creating my first Lotus123 table and my first Pascal
program. I have passed on to different heights of computer science since then,
but I know that my fervor for the art and science of computing remains the
same. I have not tired to solve problems, and I believe I never will.


I chose computer science as my major in the
undergraduate level primarily for the challenge and excitement I thought I
would get from the discipline. However, that computer science is and shall
continue to be of such immense importance has led me to believe that my studies
shall not only satiate my own intellectual needs. I feel that I can contribute
something to the society and the world and I seek admission to your graduate
program in order to fulfill that goal.


By the time of my high school exams, I had already
decided about my future course of study. I applied to only one university, BUET
(Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology), the premier institute of
science and technology in my country. When it came to choosing a department,
there was only one I was interested in, Computer Science and Engineering.  I never regretted my decision. My years in
the department have been rewarding.

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In BUET, I took courses on various aspects of computer
science and mathematics and enjoyed all of them thoroughly. My grades would
suggest that my academic performance in each of these courses were excellent as
well. However, my main inclination has long been towards theoretical computer
science. Courses such as Discrete
Mathematics, Data structures, Algorithms and Mathematics for computer science were my favorites. I believe my
mathematical preparation achieved through these courses and my research works
will enable me to pursue my graduate studies in this particular field of
computer science successfully.


Though I have always followed the academic curriculum, I
was always inclined to participate in extra curricular activities, specially
pertaining to computer science. I have regularly taken part in programming
contests inside and outside the country and won quite a number of prizes. I am
the current national runner up in
collegiate programming. I was also a member of the 1st runners up team of the ACM ICPC 2001 regional
contest (Dhaka Site).


Long before the academic requirement of a research thesis
came up (In the 4th year of undergraduate study), I indulged in
research work. I was the first in my class to publish a paper in conference
proceedings as a 3rd year student. I worked with Dr. Md. Kaykobad on
the single source shortest path algorithms
and later on tournament rankings. My
4th year research work got me working with Dr. Md. Abul Kashem on
graph algorithms and our work has already produced on paper on symmetry number of trees. I also
developed a Graph Visualization Software
with a number of my classmates (under the supervision of Dr. Md. Saidur Rahman)
in which we implemented some state-of-the-art graph visualization algorithms.
In the process of these research works, I have read numerous research papers
and have produced algorithms, analyses, software and a good amount of technical
writing. I have always kept in touch with various computer science journals,
especially Information Processing Letters
and The Journal of

Algorithms. All
this experience has led me to the firm conviction that I have what it takes to
succeed in a research intensive graduate program.


I am now at the end of my undergraduate studies and I have
decided to pursue Theoretical Computing
as the field of expertise in my graduate studies. My interest in mathematics,
the nature and content of my research work and the advice of the professors I
have worked with have influenced this decision. Improving existing algorithms
and providing solutions for open problems will be a central focus of my
research work. Among the wide body of interesting sub fields of
Theoretical Computing, I want to concentrate my research in any of the
following areas: Analysis of algorithms
and data structures, theory of graphs, combinatorics, computational learning
theory, complexity theory, theorem proving.


University is
my undoubted choice for Graduate and subsequent studies. This is not only
because it is one of the best universities in the world in my field of
interest, but also because it such a large and diverse university. Its
leadership in virtually all fields of knowledge is well known and it is a university in the truest sense of the
word. The advanced laboratories, computational and research facilities and the
distinguished faculty in Computer Science have enhanced my long fascination towards
the institution. I understand that admission in this university is extremely
competitive. However, I would modestly want to say that I have been one of he
best students of my age group in Bangladesh all along my academic career, which
is the eight largest nation of the world with a population of 140 million. I am
ready to engage in research work and studies of any volume or complexity. I
believe that Yale University will be able to provide me with the environment
and the research facilities that I don’t get here in my country. I assert that
I shall convert such an opportunity into real results.

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