Computer Science is the fastest growing industry in recent years and it doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon. Increased graphical and computing capabilities means we are ushering in a new and exciting age of technology. More specifically, the games industry in particular has had an exponential growth compared to a decade ago with games becoming more complex and realistic. Virtual reality is at the forefront of the industry, providing a brand new way to play with visual immersion in your favourite games. However, headsets like the Oculus Rift only scratch the surface of the virtual reality industry. Bitcoin Magazine author Giulio Prisco published an article detailing how High Fidelity; a US company that provides a open source platform for VR programming, was developing a cryptocurrency to be used within its stores to purchase virtual clothes, items for avatars and general assets. Developer Philip Rosedale spoke in foresight about the VR industry amassing a “trillion dollar economy” with ” a billion users” and “50 million servers”. Whilst recreational purposes are the most exciting uses of VR, we cannot dismiss the possibilities of its social and medical applications. As we work towards complete immersion (full dive) VR systems the avenues of execution multiply. Stimulating situations for training rehabilitation or recreational purposes. For example, we could train doctors by having them complete operations in a virtual reality simulation allowing us to gauge risks and assess the most appropriate procedure.As a child, I was a vicious critic for any game that I played, dissecting its plot, gameplay and replay value; Reviewing every game that I played, imposing my suggestions on my uncles and friends who played with me. Games were always my passion and i knew i wanted to design my own game one day but without enough resources around me to delve into programming myself, i spent a lot of my time meticulously crafting stories and mechanics, planning gameplay down to the last detail even deciding on payment plans and microtransactions. This lead to interests in theology, ancient cultures,psychology and urban myths. These lost concepts/ beliefs were gold to me, feeding a lot of my creative thoughts and expanding my stories as i discussed them at lengths with my GCSE history and RE teachers.I meticulously crafted a path that would make me an excellent candidate for this very course and for a future in game development as early as my GCSE options. Choosing subjects that nurtured my skills in analysis, documentation, marketing and project management. And then taking Maths, Further Maths, and Computing at A levels to further increase my computational and problem solving skills. In the Software development industry whilst a degree isn’t imperative i believe university is a great opportunity to learn new  programming languages and techniques, and be around  like-minded passionate and driven students that i can teach and learn from. Accentuating my capabilities in the subject and making me a forerunner for managerial positions post-graduate.

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