Computer Science is a field that is rapidly
changing and improving with new innovations in various aspects ranging from
robotics to quantum computing. I chose to apply for this course because I wish
to gain an understanding on the fundamental concepts behind the technologies
that allow society to function in modern times. I have chosen to apply for the
degree apprenticeship because the knowledge and experience that I will gain
from working with a large business will increase my understanding of the degree
content and make me more employable in the future.


Another reason for my decision to apply for this
course is because of the wide range of careers I can choose to follow after
graduation. My main area of interest in Computer Science is cyber security and
during the course of the degree I will be able to choose modules that allow me
to study this in depth. However, while studying the compulsory modules I will
become familiar with the important foundations of the field, while also
becoming familiar with various programming languages; therefore I will have the
option to pursue a career in numerous sectors of the field.


At the end of this course, I will be a
professional with a specialization in a field which I am passionate about and, I
will be able to apply the knowledge that I will learn from being taught by
industry leaders to develop my own personal approach to solving problems in the
field. Working with PwC on this course will allow me to gain more technical
expertise because I will be working with professionals on real projects for
clients so I will learn how to adapt a project to each client’s specific

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I chose to apply to Birmingham over other
universities that offer the same course because it is one of the highest ranked
universities in the country, whilst also having an excellent Computer Science
department meaning that I will be giving myself the greatest chance of
receiving the highest grade. Another factor that influenced my decision was
that Birmingham has one of the highest rates of graduate employability in the

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