Compulsive and cilia function decreasing. When these secretions

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Compulsive Obstruction Pulmonary
Disorder affects the lungs and limits airflow. Cigarette smoking is the number
one cause of the disease.  Smoke and
other irritants, such as air pollution, coal, and cotton, cause neutrophils,
T-lymphocytes, and other inflammatory cells to build up in the airways. They
trigger and inflammatory response that causes inflammatory mediators to travel
to the location and destroy and remove the foreign debris.

Normally, this inflammatory response
would heal, but with COPD, the response is ongoing. This causes not only a
physiological change, but also structural changes that get worse over time. As
the inflammatory response continues, the airway becomes swollen and narrow. Airway
is interrupted due to mucus production increasing and cilia function decreasing.

When these secretions build up due to not being able to effectively clear them,
a chronic cough, wheezing, and dyspnea occurs in those with COPD. The accumulation
of mucus allows for bacteria to flourish, leading to the development of
diverticula in the bronchial tree and bacterial lung infections. 

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