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Technology is important into determining cars and their viability in this twenty first century. Japanese cars happen to be the best cars in comparison to those of America, the comparison includes viability in terms of technology, economy and sensitivity to the environment.

Background of Origin of Cars

Cars are four wheeled vehicles that use motor to move. These four wheeled drive have had a long history since their invention. Modernity has played a major role in the development of these vehicles. Technology which has proven to be the most celebrated medium for rapid change has had a lot of impact in the automobile industry. It is the main reason for the development of the current most valued and classy cars in the market. Additionally, technology has led to the creation of the most environmentally friendly cars.

Due to the effects of the production of pollutants in the environment, people have endeavored to own cars that environmentally friendly. However, there are those who do not mind the effects that the cars pose to environment and have decided to go for the classic type of cars that are not friendly to the surrounding.

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This unfriendliness is in terms of air and sound pollution. The differences in the taste for cars have led to the argument comparison of cars in Japan and the United States of America. Some people think that Japanese cars are better while others fill that America has the best cars.


America has had a long history of owning the best manufactured goods in the whole wide world. In the past, most African countries and other countries from other continents used to buy their automobiles from United States of America. This is because America was stereotyped as a super power hence anything from the America was ideal.

This led to the increase in the economic status of America and also the popularity of the country as a whole. Moreover, many sales were made by America in the past that are incomparable to Japan. The high turnover of sales has been used as to be the best business ideology of what is exemplary. Globalization also has had a stake in the marketing of these cars to the rest of the world. Having an economic goodwill means being the best in the economic world or sector (Bellis 52).

America has a taste for the appearance rather than the basics of environmental friendly products. Although it is fashionable to have these classy products, it is not fashionable to be in a polluted environment. Several years back there were calls by different lobby groups that advocate for environmental protection in America which saw a paradigm shift to innovation that was at least environmental friendly production.


On the other hand, Japan has been topping the list on the world’s car trade in terms of manufacturing the best cars ever. This can be confirmed by the awards that Toyota and other automobile industries in Japan have achieved in most recent times.

Although they did not feature in the past record of best car manufacturing companies, their advancement in the industry was slow but sure in business. Theirs was a thought of more environmental friendly products. This has been seen in their love for current technology that is reliable in terms of fuel efficiency, speed and weight .

Technological advancement from the East is more environmental friendlier than in America. In addition, Japan makes cars that are more durable and have better mileage. These characteristics are very significant to any buyer in this current generation. Japan too has an advantage over America due to its geographically predisposition. It has had the opportunity to make cars and at the same time get access to fuel easily as compared to America (Domingo 201).


Both America and Japan are the world’s most respected countries in terms of the automobile industry. It is true that their works have been experienced worldwide. In terms of comparison there is one that comes first followed by the second? Americans have refused to come second to Japan.

They keep on saying that their works are second to none. This can only be proved by statistical collection from all parts of the world. This is because the rest of the world are countries all consumers of products from these industries. Going by facts, it is true to say that Japan exceeds America in terms of viable vehicles.

The only challenge is that most people tend to support America but going for the truths Japan is really great. This can be proven by checking on yearly listings for the best company (Lutz 25-39). Japan fortunately or unfortunately has had many awards and still ranks high for being the best country with the best automobile industry. Many awards have been worn in a raw by companies such as Hyundai, Toyota and many automobile industries in Japan.

In addition, Japan still shows ability to remain at the top. The country is composed of highly intelligent individuals when it comes to innovation. This has given the companies an advantage over the companies in America. However, America is also promising in terms of technological development. They are not ready to be left behind. This kind of competition is healthy because it results into quality rather than quantity.

Annotated Bibliography

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Bellis explanation of cars is in term of advancements. To her, new forms of cars have been cropping in day after day. This is because change has been rapid and has called for advanced products.

This is why most companies have resulted to go for current technology to manufacture cars. America was one of the inventors of cars and has been advancing as the days go by. She adds that they have translated from simple vehicles that only used steam engines to the most complex that use electricity. This has been good progress according to Bellis except for the pollution that has arisen many years after the inventions.

The pollution has produced a lot of health risk effects and has also negatively influenced the environment. Therefore, to Bellis, Japan stills stand out as best car manufactures since their cars are both environment and economic friendly. America also has made some stepping stones in the industry but Japan is rating high in the world listings.

Lutz, Bob. Comparison between Cars in America and Japan. Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2007.

Lutz argument is based on fuel consumption. His work reflects on cars that are more efficient in using petrol. He says the current economy requires efficiency and affordability. The most fuel efficient vehicles have been made by both the Americans and Japanese. To Lutz both America and Japan are great competitors in the world of Automobile forms. He says both countries have greatly advanced than any other country in the world.

The only thing that is pulling America down is on the issue of pollution. This is very critical because the industry can lose market because of the simple effect of polluter cars. Lutz continues to say that Japan has also managed to put up their companies in the United States of America. With the Japanese reputation of good management, they have been able to run these companies in the Diaspora without greater effects.

This is quite commendable for the Japanese automobile industry. Lastly, Lutz adds that the America is more alienated to models rather than environment friendly manufactured cars. It is quite unfortunate but thank God they have been mobilizing for most advanced automobile items.

Domingo, Rene. Car Management: Management and Business in Asia. New York: Blackwell Publishers, 2009.

Domingo says that Japanese good management skills in car industry have developed for more than a century. This development has been slow but sure. To Domingo all companies in Japan are successful in the automobile industry. The Japanese have kept a good track record on their inventions and the building up of customer friendly cars. He continues to say that the Japanese are hard working and they are tactful. Other countries work hard but they keep on failing.

This is because they are not result oriented. In addition, Domingo says that Japanese are more sensitive to the environment than the Americans. This can be seen in the way global warming has mostly affected the United States of America. He also says that without checking on the negative environmental factors that influence the surrounding, then technological advancement is of no better use. Therefore most automobile industries should be able to manufacture environmental friendly cars.

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