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In an attempt to maintain and increase sales, Coca-Cola Company has been advertising its products in different media, especially television. Coca-Cola Company sells its products worldwide and is one of the most well-known companies in the world. The company therefore has to make their advertisement suitable for people in different regions.

Over the years, most of Coca Cola commercials have not been as successful as the Mean Joe commercial. This study will seek to find out why commercials should be like the Mean Joe commercial. It will provide the refute and the opposition to the idea that commercials should more like the Mean Joe advert.

Compare the Mean Joe commercial to current Coca-Cola commercials. Tell why commercials need to be more like the Mean Joe commercial

Mean Joe Greene, an American athlete, appeared in one of the most acclaimed television commercials for Coca-Cola, which won the Clio Award for the best commercial of the year. The commercial was produced as a part of the Coca-Cola campaign named “Have a Coke and a Smile” in 1979.

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The TV advert became popular after it was aired in the 1980 Super Bowl. In the advertisement, Mean Joe receives a coke from a young fan and in return, he gives him his jersey. Mean Joe utters the catch phrase of the advertisement, “Hey, kid, catch!”, which has been cited in many marketing custom research papers as the most recognizable phrases of all times.

Many people could identify the advertisement and this helped to make it popular. After the advert was aired during the 1980 Super Bowl, it became a favorite one among the people, and the company decided to adapt the commercial for other regions. In Argentina, the advert featured Diego Maradona who played the role of Greene. In 1981, after the advert became a hit in the United States, it was adapted for a movie with Greene playing himself.

The advert has also been adapted for other ad campaigns including a television advertisement that was aimed at promoting asthma awareness. The commercial got its message across by showing Mean Joe who is hurt during a game to receive a coke from a young boy. After drinking it, Mean Joe is seen smiling and this helps to advance the campaign slogan ‘Have a Coke and a Smile’.

In the early months of 2011, the Coca-Cola Company launched a marketing campaign named ‘Reasons to Believe’ as a way to celebrate its 125th birthday. This advertisement campaign has been made for various regions under different names and catch phrases. In the United States, the catch phrase line was “Open happiness,” which was changed to “125 years of sharing happiness” in other countries.

Following the advertisement, the company announced the release of a new bottle with a capacity of 1.25 litters that would be sold in stores. In summer, the catch phrase was changed to “125 years of summer fun” and extended for 125 days in commemoration of the years the company had existed.

The advertisement is designed to make viewers be in a good mood and accompanied by cool music performed by the rock group Oasis. In addition, the advert is designed with some interesting information. The video makes viewers believe in a good world; this is what many people would want to believe.

When comparing the two advertisements, it is clear that both are designed to propel the sales of the company’s product. The difference between them is that in the case of Mean Joe, many people can associate the advert with the feeling of having a hero because everyone has a hero, he/she likes to follow.

This makes the advert build a bridge between the different ages and, thus, popularize the product. The recent advertisement campaign, which was used in 2011, fails in a number of ways. So, it is clear that the Mean Joe model should be adopted. The campaign tries to give people reasons to believe, but it provides a short-lived effect if we take into account the numerous tragic things that are reported in the news every day.

Refute the advancement

There are several reasons why adoption of the Mean Joe advert may be a major failure and should be avoided. First of all, the use of athletes in advertisement has been extensively adopted by companies and consumers nowadays, so the advert campaigns are overloaded with sportsmen and public have tired of them and do not pay as much attention as it was before. That is why, nowadays, consumers are against this form of advertising.

However, the Mean Joe advert is the best model. This is because people are fond of their heroes and will mostly buy the things that are endorsed by them. Sport legends have been proven to be very effective in advertisement and always help to increase the sales of the product. Consumers are also fond of identifying with their heroes and the only way that is possible is to buy products that are endorsed by them.

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