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Company Profile: Mayeep
Sdn. Bhd – Version 1.0


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Our Story

in 2017, Mayeep Sdn. Bhd. is a dynamic brand constantly expanding on the
market. Born from the passion and experience of professional anglers, Mayeep has
initiated a new direction towards creating the best fishing accessories and
gear nationwide in Malaysia.  Our company
offers a wide range of premium products including fishing equipment, fishing accessories
and apparel. In following couples of years, we aspire to serve and market
fishing gear for customers around the world.


founder, Ayip, is an audacious entrepreneur, a serial-idea powerhouse, and a charismatic
leader, always knew he wanted to be out in the world and dreamed of doing
something impactful as an entrepreneur. With all the experiences in the fishing
industry and other relevant fields under his belt, going down to this road
seemed like a nature occurrence and he has never had to struggle to find his
place in the world.


a glorious start to a rapid ascent, Mayeep’s fishing products and accessories
have pulled ahead of the pack among its competitors in just a very short period
of time. The “aha!” moment came in when he realized that there weren’t a lot of
quality fishing products, especially the fishing line, in Malaysia, coupled
with performance  and affordability.


a result, Ayip took the plunge with years of research and development, and
finally established Mayeep in 2017. Few years of dedication are not wasted with
Mayeep’s first few products launched in the market: Mayeep “Muscular Line”
fishing line, Mayeep Cap, Mayeep T-shirt, and Mayeep Jersey. The number of
customer has doubled up and is still increasing under our founder’s leadership
in just a few months.


the past years, Mayeep has concentrated on building our fishing gear and is
getting faster and faster in action.  We
feel strongly that the next few years are going to be the moment of evolution
for Mayeep. Our ideas, products, and services are just going to get better in
order to serve, to inspire and to surprise. And then, it’s all about the
passion, innovation and execution – and Mayeep can deliver them all.


Our Mission

mission is to offer quality fishing products and excellent services in our
professional disciplines and expertise, with integrity, passion, and
reliability. We also strive to develop our outstanding team, and a leading and
informative platform to our valued customers.


Our Vision

vision is clear-cut. We aim to create new entities in the fishing gear industry
and set foot into a new variety of services, incubating concepts by our
innovative team for diverse audiences across Malaysia, as well as at the
international scene.


Our Value

value allows us to provide the most suitable guideline for each individual in
our company. We are looking forward to an exciting future with the value
deep-rooted in our hearts.



Besides offering our customers the best
quality products imaginable, Mayeep knows it well and has always been on the
front lines with our customers. We sink in customer’s feedback and know that
listening to the customer’s feedback returns more than just bottom-line


We want all Mayeep customers to receive a
great fishing experience. What this means for you is that we’ll go to great
lengths to resolve the issue and get you back on the water and enjoying your
time as quick as possible.



Mayeep considers everyone who works for and
works with the company to be extended family. All the employees are extremely
valued at Mayeep. Each of them has done more than we expected and we couldn’t
have done it without them.


We are committed in fostering health, quality
of life, wellness and work-life balance for each and every one at Mayeep. We
ensure every point of view of our employees is expressed, and understand that
the most important part of appreciating and caring about people is helping them
be their best, to feel belonged.



Mayeep is best known for its stunning fishing
accessories and gear that is characterized by its careful and innovative use of
quality materials that sets market trends, and its practical yet unexpected
performance solutions. A strong devotion to exclusive quality is what we do,
and it’s why we are trusted by our customers nationwide.


Mayeep believes that continual improvement in
our product quality is not just a goal, it is a requirement. Products combining
premium design and durability with exceptional performance have forever been
the pursuit at Mayeep.    



At Mayeep, we take pride in our meticulousness
to details. We are consistent and reliable with a focus on our mission. These
are steps that are the magic of our team to sustain momentum, and we also use
self-reflection as a company or as individuals. The thoughtful analysis let us
address the issue and do it better moving forward. You can depend on Mayeep.



fishing accessories and gear are likely the very best products ever made,
utilizing the best quality material, along with modern trendy designs that look
good, feel good and function well.


Line” 8x Braided Fishing Line

Introducing the new “Muscular Line” 8x Braided
Fishing Line from Mayeep. “Muscular Line” is a brilliant fishing line designed
for everybody who’s looking for extraordinary performances, superb quality,
exceptional strength, and impressive lightness. It is also ultra-abrasive
resistant and has maximum knot strength for a total reliability under pressure
to cover all situations.


This remarkable polythene ultra-thin line is great for incredibly
smooth casting, yet retains the amazing strength and hyper sensitivity that set
a world standard. The quality combined with its suppleness and ease of laying
on a reel spool makes this the perfect choice for fishing.


light. Extraordinary strong. The fishing line you will eventually own.



ü  Length       : 150m

ü  Material    : Polythene Fiber from Japan

ü  Diameter   : 0.15mm

ü  Strength    : 30 lbs / 14kg

ü  Distance    : 100m/110 yds



Mayeep Cap represents the best conjunction
between style and fashion, not forgetting the functionality. Accompanied with
Mayeep logo, this cap has a great street look but can still be used while
fishing, perfect for all outdoor people with effortless casual style.  It is made out of quality material for
comfort and good ventilation. You know you can’t go wrong with Mayeep Cap.



ü  Size          : One size fits most heads

ü  Color        : Black

ü  Material  : Cotton Polyester



Subtle, modern and fashionable styling can be
found in our lightweight and comfortable Mayeep Jersey. The art on the front
illustrates the official Mayeep logo used in our Mayeep accessories and gear. Mayeep
Jersey reduces the risk of sun exposure and increases comfort. It’s a perfect
fit for you and that special someone as nothing beats our outstanding and
feel-good jersey.


Why not experience the difference for



ü  Size          : X, M, L

ü  Color        : Blue and Green Camouflage

ü  Material  : Cotton



The best just got better with Mayeep T-Shirt! Easy-wearing,
ultra-light t-shirt for staying cool, especially in oven-like conditions in
Malaysia! It is breathable with excellent Mayeep logo design. Made with
soft-feel easy movement material, Mayeep T-Shirt is great for fishing and many
other outdoor activities. If you are looking for a modern, simple and
minimalistic outfit for your casual outdoor session, then you find the right
one with Mayeep T-Shirt.


Extend your fishing days and create memories
with style!  



ü  Size          : X, M, L

ü  Color        : Black

ü  Material  : Cotton


Contact Us

you’re seriously looking in investing in a new fishing gear this time around,
then come into Mayeep and have a cast of our products and we’ll take it from
there. We’re sure you’ll be delighted. Or you can just simply pop in for a cup
of coffee!


us on Facebook and you will be among the first to hear about new products,
special offers, events and promotions. We hope to inspire you to get out there,
to make time to fish, to link up with friends or go solo on the spur of the
moment (*wink*).


Mayeep Sdn. Bhd. (1245992-T)


A-10-11 Urban 360 Jalan Makmur,

Taman Sri Gombak,

68100 Batu Caves, Selangor,



            Tel                    : +6 016 421 8303

            Website           :

            Facebook         :

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