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Community theatre

Community theatre are/is performances that highlight certain
issue that could be local, national and even international. One of the key
features of community theatre is the purpose. The purpose of a performance could
be to educate people on a certain topic like teen pregnancy, effects of drugs,
racism. Another key feature of community theatre are themes. Themes help
support the purpose around the play so it gives people a better understanding
of the message behind the performance. A important part of community theatre is
the audience. With certain themes and purposes of a performances the target
audience needs appropriate as if its a performances  about violence it wont be appropriate for
children as it may upset them. In community theatre. In preparation for
performing to different audiences they director’s have to take things into
consideration like, if they are preforming to a younger audience will it be
appropriate and does clearly show the message of the performance so that the
younger audience will clearly understand. Another thing to take into
consideration is that will the piece to dark and emotional for certain members
of the audience and if so are there ways to tone it down or is the purpose of
the performance have to be very dark and emotional. They also need to make sure
they are giving out a positive and correct message to their audience as they
don’t want to promote any unpleasant themes. A final thing they may have to
take into consideration is do they want the audience involved in the performance.
This idea was used by Augusto Boal who thinks that the audience should become
active in a performance. One of the purposes of community theatre is to explore
different social, cultural and economic values. One of these is social
cohesion. Social cohesion by definition “is defined as a cohesive society that
works towards the well being off all its members. Fights, exclusion and
marginalisation. Creates a sense of belonging”(wikiprogress 21 feb 2011). The
affects of community theatre on younger people is to educate them and growing
and existing problems that are happening not just in their local area but
around the world. This will help them later on in life so they can also educate
people on the lessons they have learnt. How community theatre can impact the
local area as a whole is by educating them on issues or they could just be
simply promoting things like cultural diversity.

One example of community theatre is a musical called
cuncrete. This show takes the ideas of architecture and idealism. It is a
musical and the songs performed have a punk aspect to them which “fully
supports their billing as anti-virtuoso but also provides a intense background
noise that helps carry forward a sneering script”(Andrew Forbes). The focus of
the performance is the housing crisis and it takes stabs at the Wests dominant
ideology of capitalism. The target audience for this would be between 25-40.
This performance wouldn’t be appropriate for a younger audience as the ideas
and purpose would be to complex for them as it involves very political opinion
on how the world works. This performance is a musical and the songs help with
setting the tone of the performance as it is punk and it would help to explain
to the ideas and purpose of the performance. The purpose of this performance is
to teach people about how the world works and that capitalism can be a negative
idea and the west need to change their ideology. One of the issues in this
performance is the housing crisis that is currently in England and how that
much isn’t being done about it. The moral message of the performance is that
the government needs to change how they are going about certain issue’s like
the housing crisis. The needs audience have been met by the performance giving
them a compelling story and giving out a message to them that society is ran by
capitalism and that it needs to change. It did this by performing as a musical
so that the songs help clarify what is happening in the story. This story
explores economic values of the main ideas of government’s in the west and
their use of capitalism. This performance has lots to do with the economy and
politics. I think the performance is trying to teach people about what is
happening in the world and i think it achieves this by having a good storyline
and generally good performance which displays this message. It reviews how the
government is going about certain issues in the country and how it effects the
people in the country. I think this performance links with augusto as he liked
to involve politics in his performances.

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Another example of community theatre is great expectations. The
performance is about a young boy named pip who grew up as a son of a blacksmith
and has a terrible earlier life. The performance shows pips development throughout
his life deciding on the best course of action to win the heart of Estella. The
focus of great expectations is life choices and how people grow up into
something they would of dreamed of being. The target audience for this
performance would be suitable for teens and the elderly as it can give life
lessons to a person of how to better ones self. The purpose of this performance
is to show development in peoples lives and the journey throughout. It also
shows you us that money doesn’t make people happy especially if you look at the
character of Miss Havisham. One of the many themes in this performance is
redemption from sin. This is shown through the character of Magwitch who at the
start of the story was a escaped convict who later turned out to be the
character who saved pip from being stuck as a blacksmith. Another theme is wealth
and how it can help people or corrupt them. Wealth helping people is shown through
pips character as the money helps him escape a life of poverty and despair. On
the other hand money corrupted Miss Havisham by making her into a dark twisted
character. The needs of the audience have been met by the actors giving out a
well made performance that gives the audience a  dark, dramatic and creepy view on this
performance whilst and bringing the story to life with talented acting. This
performance does explore a lot of economic and cultural values and it presents
lots of disputes, crime, class and status. One of the economic values is that
money can help or corrupt people. As this was wrote in the Victorian era this
problem is very much greater in the present day. Class is very clearly shown in
this performance with pips family being lower class and struggling to get by whilst
Miss Havisham represents middle/higher class and how money has made her a
bitter and cold person. This performance is hoping to achieve that money
doesn’t equal happiness and that people can change for the better. This is shown
throughout the performance with different characters mainly pip. This
performance hopes to achieve how people view and treat each other.

A final example of community theatre is two loves lost. The
performance is set in 1955 a man called john falls in love with Ed and they
need to keep their relationship away from the public. It is based in central
London. The focus of the performance is about the discrimination against
homosexuals and how it was dangerous to be gay at the time. The target audience
of this performance is 12 over because it teaches people not to be homophobic
and it lets the younger audiences understand it more if they didn’t already. The
purpose of this performance is to show how people viewed homosexual before the
partial decriminalisation of homosexuality and how people at the time struggled
to keep in a secret. One of the issues explored in this performance is
homophobia which is main issue throughout the performance. One of the themes is
secrecy and how the main character must always be careful and hide from the
eyes of the public. This is used to show how dangerous it was for gay people at
the time. The needs of audience have been met by giving them a compelling and
relatable story that is very emotional and it gets the key message of the performance
across. This performance explores the social issues of homosexuality as it
being the main issue. It also tells us what is right and what is wrong and the
wrong part of the performance is the characters homosexual relationship. This
performance is trying to teach to people about how unfair society used to be
and how it has changed for the better and it has achieved this. This
performance also helps with the idea of social cohesion . It also tries to
achieves making treat others better.

 With these three
different community theatre projects there are some similarities and contrast
in the way they do it. Cuncrete and two loves lost both explore political issue
that the government have created themselves. The problems affect people in
different ways however.  They all have a
completely different focus and they way they emphasise this focus is also very
different to each other. They all have very different set design and costume
design as they are all set in different time periods 


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