Community Link across the Railway tracks which

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   Community improvement plan focuses to repair
rehabilitate and redevelop the


community, and the community
improvement plan of regulating must be involved in the


 official plan( Ministry of municipal AFFAIRS,
2017). Community improvement plan

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 wants to create a Pedestrian Link across the
Railway tracks which is between Queen


 Street and Timothy Street. This Pedestrian
crossing help people faster go to the street


( Town of Newmarket , 2001)




   Zoning bylaw regulates lot sizes, building
heights and another specific requirement.


Different areas have
different zoning bylaw. Even the official plan follows Provincial


Policy statement, the new
development or construction must meet zoning bylaw


 standard. In the Town of Newmarket map 4, R1D
building maximum height is


10.7m (2 storey) according
to the section 6.2 of the Newmarket zoning bylaw 2010-


40 (Town of Newmarket, 2013)




    Site plan control means council, which has
the additional ability to design a site. The


site Design involves
building shape, public access areas, paving and other materials


aspects. In the Appendix C
of Newmarket site plan control, the council can decide


whether or not to provide
each tree with the appropriate volume of high-quality soil in


the Newmarket downtown (TOWN








1.    Compare
the values of The New Urbanism and traditional planning, and identify and
discuss the impacts each planning system has on built form. 



      In the ancient, cities were developed by simple
planning theory, and the city was


designed based on the subjective
consciousness, people just cared short-term benefit


when people design their
cities.. Most of the time, traditional planning didn’t have a


good future plan, and
traditional planning often make some decision based on the


History event. The
traditional planning has 4 examples which are Ancient Greeks,


Romans, Dark Middle Ages,
and suburb spreading.



   Ancient Greece developed rectangular blocks
of residential land use for the sun


exposure. The population of
Greece is not large, so the city scale is small (“ANCIEDNT


GREECE”, 22 December 2017). These situations cause city lacking independence


Region, and the residential
district don’t have a hierarchy among rich people and


poor people. Greeks don’t
have an actual plan to plan their city, but Greeks try to get a


 balance between the city and nature. The
marketplace is also called Agra which is in


the public space (Dyk, 2015).



   Romans want to show political and military
power by designing the street layout.


 Roman cities had north and west major streets,
which intersected at the center.


Roman defends the enemy
attack by designing cities walls and streets (Dyk, 2015).


The Roman square is A public
space, and dominator can announce some information


for residents in the Roman
square (Roman empire, 2017 December 21).






   In the Dark and middle ages, religion-church
becomes the framers and the executors,


which controls social
development, so social was chaos. People lack


settlements or shelter (Dark
age, 2017 December 29).



   After the second war, some Americans would
like the move to the suburb because of


Privacy and security, so a
lot of land are not proper utilized. In the suburb,


Most residential buildings
are single detached residential buildings (Urban sprawl, 2018 January 1)



    New Urbanism has more complex and advanced
thinking than traditional planning


 ,because New Urbanism not only focuses on the
short-term benefit. New Urbanism


theory wants to make the
sure balanced development of the city. New Urbanism has


Some factors, including
walkability, connectively, mixed housing, density increasing,


sustainability. The new
Urbanism city will have more apartments because apartments


can increase population
density by accommodating more people. Joe Mincozzi thought


blindly urban sprawl is not
necessary (Mincozzi, 2016). Even suburbs have


buildings, commercial
buildings which are in the suburbs create very low economic


value when comparing with
commercial building in the downtown. Joe Mincozzi


explained this phenomenon by
comparing Asheville Walmart and downtown building


economic value. Economic
value includes retail taxes, job number and property taxes


(Mincozzi, 2016). Joe Mincozzi
wants to indicate new Urbanism use is very

necessary for the city, and traditional
planning which causes suburb expanding is not a

good plan for the human development in the



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