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Communication is simply the act of transferring information
from one place to another regardless of what type of information being
transferred. It is Considered a double-edged weapon that may lead to prosperity
if it is directed and utilized in the right place or to devastation if it is
used in fields of war or wiretapping. It is also considered an efficient way to
solve most, if not all, of Egypt grand challenges. There are many challenges
that face Egypt and they have different solutions, but not all of them is  successful. From these challenges is
increasing the industrial base and decreasing pollution. By Studying the
negative sides of prior solutions of these two challenges thoroughly, we have
concluded that we can solve these challenges through the communication between
them. cement is one of the most common
construction ingredient among others. It is used in the production of many
structures that make up the modern world including buildings, bridges, runways
and roads. The constant demand for all of these structures makes that cement
the second most consumed commodity in the world after water. Cement industry
now accounts to around 3.7% of GDP and Local consumption is about 83% and
exports 17%. But it has a lot of problems such as the Cracks in concrete occur
due to various mechanisms such as shrinkage, mechanical compressive and tensile
forces. It also has large Energy consumption which accounts for 30-40% of production costs . It is also considered one of the two biggest
Producers of carbon dioxide (CO2), making up to 5% of overall
man-made discharges of this gas, of which 50% is from the chemical process and
40% from compustion of fuel. So we decided to solve these problems by
using  specific type of bacteria which is
Sporosarcina pasteurii to hydrolyse the urea and decrease water absorption to
increase the strength and use titanium dioxide to convert the carbon dioxide
and water  into oxygen and liquid
hydrocarbon which will be used as a fuel .Then we will use STEP process to decrease
the carbon dioxide gas emitted from the decarbonation process. (as shown in
figure 1) and use DSSC with pomegranate dye to provide the process with energy.
By this we decreased the amount of carbon dioxide and low the energy needed and
this results in decreasing the cost. Then we made a prototype with simple
materials that have low cost and abundant in Egypt , and made a test plan on
it  to be sure that we had achieved our
design requirements which are efficiency, low cost and eco-friendly.

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