Comfort paper will examine the most contemporary

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comes with a price, The future of conservation of household energy.

Johnny Tekola

Environmental Engineering

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Natural gas is consumed tremendously in the United
State household as well as electric energy. Water Heater, Refrigerator, Air
Conditioner and Charger makes the household energy the third largest of energy
use in the United States. This paper will examine the most contemporary
tendency in conserving energy in the United States households and the future of
this fields, including the insinuation of environmental drift.






             There are different ways energy can be consumed within the
household and also different ways for energy to be conserved. one way to preserve
the energy being used in the homes is to replace the energy used within an another
renewable resource. Preserving
energy does not mean making restricted resources last longer than they can; it
is procedure of reducing a controlled material, and allowing that material to start
to renovate itself. An energy conservative is just having the ability to
understand what you are using your energy on and what you can do to change that
because energy preservation is becoming a larger issue now a day.  it is recommended for household families to be
knowledgeable of energy usage and environmentalism so they can potentially
design their homes to save more energy.

            As Popular Mechanics state, our place
of residence can consume 25 percent of the motherlands energy, cooling and
heating by itself can take up to 60 percent of our household’s annual energy
bill. This is today but tomorrow, or in the future, an advanced heating and
cooling system will detect the contemporary weather forecast to retain conditions
as comfortable as possible and by keeping the environment safe from pollution.










Introduction and background:

of energy is the adequate laws of physics and accordingly controls the
microscopic movement of individual atoms in a chemical reaction (NYU.EDU).  People waste a lot of energy in their daily
usage either by not turning off the lights when not in use and or by utilizing
old and inefficient appliances that take large amount of energy, or by not
switching off the vehicle engine. Energy conservation is very important because
for one it cuts your monthly cost, and two it also preserves the resources for
longer use.

gas and Electricity are the most energy intake sources in the United State
homes, followed by heating oil and propane. Space heating, which uses natural
gas, reports for the most energy shared in the United States homes.
Electricity, which is obviously for lights, and other appliances, microwaves,
toasters, computers and what not, uses propane, others may use it for barbecue
grills: this is a serious danger to the environment.  All energy sources have some impact in the
environment, natural gas does more harm than renewable energy sources,
including air and water pollution, damage to public health and global warming
emissions (Union of concerned Scientist).

the present day, energy is generated from coal powered plans, they generate
energy but also they pollute the environment by discharging gases that are
harmful to the atmosphere. Air pollution not only harms the environment but
humans and animals and this issues is the one serious environmental matter that
we are facing today.

According to Treehugger, “the effects of air
pollution to man is not strange; with the adverse results of air pollution to the ozone layer and human
health, man has been looking for adequate answers to solve problems that are
associated with these effects. However, air pollution is now the biggest
problem on environmental health, and researchers say that about 3.7
million premature deaths occur annually,” This is really shocking to know that
humans being are the ones causing premature deaths with or without their

             The available resources in the modern day
should be used foresight fully to save it for the coming generation necessity
because these resources are limited and will become invalid one day. “The sad part is that we, humans, have been using these
resources at such a high rate that we might end up using them much sooner. These
resources such as coal, oil and
gas are not sustainable. They might not be available for our coming generation.
We, therefore, have a responsibility in hand to conserve and save energy as much we can to make it
available for our kids and protect our environment from further degradation” (Conserve Energy
future).  We use these resources as if
they are promised to be ours forever, we use as much as light as we can but
when the bill rises we get angry but why do we only care about the bills, how
about the future, how about the environment, all that energy does not come with
magic, it comes from the environment natural resources and we are using it









            Discussion of the Issue

amount of energy that is used in homes is mainly dependent on the climate, the
type and numbers of energy consuming devices that are used (U.S. Energy
Information Administration). In 2009 the most energy used was in for space
heating (42 percent), trailed by electronics, lighting and other appliances
which was (30 percent), water heating (18 percent), air-conditioning (six
percent) and refrigeration (five percent). According to Independent Statistics and Analysis of United States Energy
Information’s Administration (EIA), Energy use for air conditioning has doubled
since 1980. The united Sates households now use more appliances and electronics
in their homes double than ever before. Even though cooking equipment’s and
refrigerators have been a standard American in the home, way long before, but
the ownership of other appliances such as dishwashers, laundry machines and
microwaves has increased over the past 30 years. On top of all of these
appliances, it is becoming increasingly common for homes to use multiple
televisions and computers, so the electronics marker is constantly innovation
and adding new products such as DVR, game systems and rechargeable electronics
devices, which are becoming the modern lifestyle for an American household. The
results for the changes in the electronics and appliances, plus the cooking equipment’s
and refrigerators, currently the energy used in about one third of all energy
used in homes.

                        According to Conserve
energy Future, it is really easy to save some energy in the homes, it is up to
us to do some action, for example: Turning off air conditioning systems in
unoccupied rooms and trying to keep the room cool by keeping the curtains; turning
off the lights when leaving the rooms and use dim lights in galleries, lobbies;
balconies and bathroom; making maximum use of sunlight during the day; Drapes
or curtains on windows & doors are to be drawn apart during day time, for
natural light to reduce need for electrical lights inside the home; using
compact fluorescent bulbs more often as they consume 10% less power than the
normal bulbs, Always putting your computer or laptop to sleep mode when you are
not using it. Looking for alternate sources of energy, like solar, wind to power your
home. If we as modern day people do this in our homes, the environment would be
safe from air pollution and the future will be bright for the coming generation
and animals would be protected. Plus, the death on premature deaths would

            Conserving energy is an important
thing human being should take into consideration because the world will not be
able to depend on nonrenewable resources in the future. Natural gas, coal, and
oil resources are the nonrenewable resources. Preserving energy will minimize
the need for nonrenewable staffs and help conserve natural environments. The
modern day society need to gear towards getting to know more about renewable
resources because nonrenewable resources are downsizing, which will eventually
lead to no energy resources. Renewable resources are natural resources that
when we use it we can replace it with things such as trees, water and wind and
it is safe for the environment than nonrenewable resources. People consume
natural resources at a faster rate than the planet can renew them.






















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