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 “Come on Kimber, you’d do great! You’ve played soccer all your life I’m sure you’d make the team,” my best friend Alison persisted.      “There’s only a boys team and I’ve never tried out for a team anyway,” I was a little disappointed I couldn’t try out but like I said I never have, it wouldn’t be any different being on or off a team.      “First off it is a coed team, no girls have ever made the team that’s why everyone thinks it’s a boys team if you try out and make the team we would be so popular. Anyway what do you have to lose?”      She had a point I don’t have anything to lose, my fear of being humiliated was the only thing in my way and I wasn’t very interested in being popular that was all Alison’s idea.      “Fine. I’ll try it. When are tryouts?”      “Today. Before you burst into anger I have all your soccer stuff in my bag, your mom gave them to me she knew you would give in,” she scrambled to get the words out before taking my hand and bolting to the girls locker room, “Come on we don’t have all day! Your gonna be late and then they won’t let you try out!”        “I’m done, I’m done! I love the new-,” I started.       “Admire them later go! Sprint!” She hollered.       I got out to the green freshly cut field, panting like I just ran in the olympics and I saw girls, not the types of girls you would expect to become prom queen, they were all older than me and by the looks of it most of them were volleyball players with more muscle in the arms than the legs. I walked over to warm up, high knees, Frankenstein’s, cloud kickers, and karaoke but they were all whispering, in a single file line, and going up to sign something.      “What’s everyone signing?” I said aloud.      “A guarantee that we won’t make a big deal if we get hurt,” the girl in front of me answered. Turning around she added, “I’m Angelina, you’re Kimberly right?”       “Uh ya everyone calls me Kimber but how’d you know?” I wondered slightly intrigued.      “Well we’re both in 6th grade, I see you in the halls every day, and we’re in the same gym class,” I can’t believe I was so oblivious that I couldn’t even remember her name!     “Oh ya!” I acted like I remembered, “How long have you played soccer?” I asked trying to change the subject.    “Since I can remember, but I’m really nervous about this, all the other girls are 8th graders did you notice their muscles?” She asked shocked, “How long have you played?”    “My older brother taught me when I could walk. And if you look at those girls they only have muscles in the arms and very little in the legs so while they’ll be able to throw the ball in farther, we’ll be able to kick farther, since we’re smaller we can slip through people easier, and to top it of it will be easier to run since we’re smaller.”     We sauntered up to the front of the line when we got up to the sheet of paper one of the soccer players shot at us, “Oh look two 6th grade girls hoping to join the team!”    “Cool it Jacob, they have the same chance you did last week to make the team and you’re still a 6th grader. Ok everyone get a partner, line up across from each other, and one of you go get a ball your going to pass it back and forth,” coach Adam instructed.      After about 3 hours of drills, rude comments, and running coach finally announced, “Good work ladies, anyone who makes the team their name will be posted tomorrow morning. For anyone who does make the team practice starts tomorrow we have our first game on Saturday. Now hit the locker rooms!”      “Hey Kimber! You did great you’ll make it for sure!” Angelina complimented.     “Thanks. You did too, you blocked all my kicks when we were partners. I’ll see you tomorrow at the bulletin board,” I called after her.     “So how’d tryouts go?” Alison pressed.     “Fine, I met this girl, she was the only other girl my age trying to make the team. We were great! Every partnership thing we did we were partners and she has great control over the ball it’s amazing! I’m gonna head over to see if I made it,” I sped up my pace to a fast walk anxious to see the results.      “Hey Kimber! We both made it! I can’t believe it! We both made the team!” Angelina sequeled.      “Really! Wow umm, I gotta go to class but I’ll see you at practice I guess, bye,” I said being cast back out into the crowd.      “Owwwww…I wanted to sleep on a cloud of pillows, I hurt all over. I’ve never stretched this much before,” Angelina murmured.     “I know, I’ve never been goalie much less tried training for it!”     The next few days got easier, now my muscles aren’t so sore that it hurts to sit down. I couldn’t wait to get to the field, our first game of the season was less than 20 minutes away! When Angelina and I finally found the right field the game was three quarters done!     “I can’t believe Jacob told us the game started an hour later than it really did! We didn’t even get to play at our first official game!” Angelina complained.     “I bet he’s just mad that he teased us and we made the team anyway” I tried to reassure her, “or maybe he’s just never been on a team with girls”      “You’re probably right. Maybe he forgot the actual time the game started. I mean the 7 players that were on the field were exhausted because they couldn’t trade positions,” She chimed in trying to sound more enthusiastic.      “Finally we get to play! I double checked with coach this time we’ll even get there a little early,” I explained as Angelina’s grandma drove us to the game in her silver chevy. When we got out at the same place we had the weekend before Angelina started putting her hair up I remembered seeing a bathroom when we were here last, “If you want a mirror I would think there should probably be one in the bathroom,” she had her hairbrush in her mouth while she tried getting the knot out that she just created and said yes by a simple nod. The bathroom was just a standard bathroom, nothing incredibly special about it, though on the walls you could see different colored rocks which did make it prettier. We were the only ones in the bathroom for awhile and about 3 minutes after we had gone in I thought I heard Jacob and Connor outside the door but when I went to check to see, the door wouldn’t budge!       “Angelina the door isn’t moving!” I panicked.       “You probably need to turn the door handle more,” she walked over and tried to open the door. Nothing. It wouldn’t move, “We probably just jammed it. HELLO? HELLO! Do you think someone locked us in here? Do you think it was Jacob?”       “Ya if we can’t get out and our game is starting in two minutes I’m gonna take a wild guess and guess it was Jacob” I stated with sarcasm, “I bet we’ll be magically found anytime now since we missed yet another game”        Five minutes later, “Knock, Knock, Knock!”        “Hello! There’s people in here!” Angelina yelled. The door opened and there was Jacob standing there with a key in his hands, “you’re the one who locked us in there for nearly an hour! You’ve made us miss two games!” Angelina was infuriated.        “Are you sure? I just unlocked you-,”        “I bet you’re just jealous of me and kimber because were the first 6th grade girls in a long time to make the team! I think you might be afraid Kimber could beat you!”       “Let’s not go there, it’s not necessary,” I joined in.       “You and kimber one on one tomorrow, there’s no practice but I’ll referee deal?” She challenged.       “Deal!” He chirped.                  “I really wish you wouldn’t have told him I would do a game of one on one. If I lose I’ll be embarrassed in front of the whole team,” I complained.      “Your too good a player to lose. In this match the first to 3 points wins. It’s just like keep away, your amazing at that. Good luck!” Her pep talk could use some work but I felt a tiny bit better. Everyone else was there Angelina blew the whistle when Jacob scored a goal and then again when he scored a second. He called a timeout to get some water I did the same. Angelina came over and said, “All you have to do is think of it as keep away! Not as a scrimmage, game, or even practice just keep away, only with a goal. You got this!” And she gave me a thumbs up. The game changed when it was as simple as a keep away game it seemed easier. The next goal was mine one more and I’d be tied.       “TWEET!” The whistle blew jacob and I were tied, we played for ten more minutes with no other goals, we were growing tired, “TWEET! TWEET! Game over! Kimber won! Come on now shake hands both of you!” When I had changed out of my shin guards and cleats I ran into Jacob.       “Umm… good game. I’m sorry I trapped and tricked you so you would miss the first couple games. I was afraid you and Angelina would be better than me and I would be beat by 2 girls,” Jacob mumbled.        “It’s fine we still get to go to the last games and I barely beat you, so your still a great player,” I was really glad he apologized, we were undefeated all 3 years of middle school and we became 3 great friends.

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