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life is a time that you never forget. Sometimes there’s a time in college won’t
important but it’s more about the reasons why you must procceed in college*INVEST  YOUR SELFCollege
is an expensive time in your life- any student, parent, and dean can agree with
that. sometimes it is a factor can affect why students can’t peocced in college
degree, also can be the why the students get a extra job to susutain their
studies. It’s about investing in your dreams and your future. Earning that
degree gives you the confidence you have to invest in your own well being, that
you believe you can strive further. It won’t always be your lecture halls,
exams, or professors who show you why investing in yourself is something great.
It can be those club meetings which then form an idea for a company, your
roommate who connects you into your dream company, or the college services
offered to get you one step further into your profession. You’ll leave college
with a degree you invested in, but college is a time to invest in yourself in
every are.*GRAB
OPPORTUNITYIf you think a college environment
won’t grant you further opportunities, you’re crazy. The amount of resources,
services, help, and opportunities a college offers it could create or change
your career path drastically. Your college campus will offer you career fairs,
interview practice, resume building help, advising, counseling, internships, networking,
and so much more. Not only do they offer so much assistance in helping you find
something after college, also so much opportunity while you’re there. The
amount of Greek life positions, clubs, leadership roles, jobs, etc. a college
campus has and always needs new positions and leaders every year can grant
those who take advantage of them great opportunity. Take advantage that college
has thousands of knowledge for students and professors to help create your
comes the responsibility side of college. Managing your time. Between classes,
clubs, work, a social life, and so much more managing your life is so
important. You’ll learn to mark your calendar and to-do lists. Keeping yourself
organized is key to success and also to not forget anything huge. You’ll thank
yourself when you set reminders for an important exam or meeting, don’t rely on
your brain to remember everything. College truly puts you to the test and makes
you learn whether you want to or not to keep your time managed and organized.*DreamAllow yourself to dream. Dream big
and dream far. College makes you believe that you can take over the world if
you wanted, you’re unstoppable. If you want a degree but no one else can see
how you’d put that to use, get that degree. Go after what you want and the life
you want to live, be confident in yourself and your future. It’s important to
take control of your life and understand that you can make as many decisions to
please others but you’re the one who has to live your life. College teaches you
how to dream.  


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