Collected teachers have fully skilled in computer with

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Collected Data
& Results

We collected
Data with the lot of Barriers and collect with hardly effort according to our
research question. Our data is collective not all respondents are same in age,
sex and gender. Include in different angles in our collected data which we
described in manually with some Themes and Sub Themes like patterns. Our
Respondents are Teacher, students and also pupils.


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In Faisalabad
today many institutions work for increase learning skills and promote abilities
of disables persons but our main focus for this research is blind and visual
impairments. For this we visit the old and famous learning center for blind
Alfaisal Center.

Themes of
Results Manually

Theme of
Teachers Response

 According to blind teachers every human have
equally powers of hearing, speaking, touching, Thinking, smelling etc. They
argued that blind students and pupils have different level of learning
abilities according to their mind and practices. They focused on one quotation
“You More Practice then You are More Expert” and learn everything with their usage
of mind and power which develop their skills. They tells us nothing fully
awareness to new technology but some teachers have fully skilled in computer
with hold the commands of reading software. According to their opinions our
learning process is start from Braille (6 Dotted language)and when a student
learn reading then hi star learn writing, but some time in small age like 8 to
10 children and after 35 age learning is very difficult. Because under 10
children find things and think about concepts and other hand in more age
persons not understand learning methodologies. They do not mean they not learn
but they learn slow then youngsters. Answers of another questions they tells
about technology , they told us with the help of software we learn speedy, and
we learn and done work any type which we worked on a one place sitting and
standing. But they have insufficient facilities of technology. According to a
teacher in Pakistan have no facility to get Urdu translator like Hindi
translator software.

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