Cold and implementation for cold storage rooms.

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Cold storage rooms are designed for preservation of perishable commodities at low temperaturesand are widely used in food/pharmaceutical/photographic industries. Multiple coupled interactions,involving mass-heat-momentum transfer, phase change of constituent components play important roleduring the operating condition of a cold room in such applications. Temperature and moisture con-trol are the key parameters for optimal operation and energy consumption. Numerous guidelines areavailable for successful design and implementation for cold storage rooms. Among several other factors,in ltration of hot/moist air through doors may become crucial for the performance of the rooms (in- ltration load). Apart from experimental approach, computational uid dynamics tools are more costeffective alternatives to study the fundamental processes involved during the operating condition of acold storage. Nevertheless, resolving complex coupled interactions via realistic numerical models is alsochallenging. Studies dealing with the in ltration via doors for cold storage setup is not abundant. Onlyfew and very recent works report such an attempt, for a cold room 1 and for refrigerated vehicles 2.The present study is aimed to perform a numerical analysis by solving compressible form of theconservative 3D laminar Navier-Stokes equation (without Boussinesq approximation) together with thespecies transport equation for a cold storage room with a product load, a fan, and a sliding door. Thecommercial code StarCCM+ is used for this purpose.A simpli ed room with an area of 11:48m2 and a volume of 26; 196m3 has been taken (see Fig.1, left). In this gure, the streamlines are shown for two preliminary test cases, with a closed doorand an active fan (middle), and with an opened door (right) situation. It has been observed that theenergy transport and the cooling of the product load can be affected by the location of the fan and thedoorway. The detailed analysis will be provided in the final manuscript.

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