Coffee & Coca-Cola (Coke), Coffee and coke, both had a great history. According to Scott. (2016), coffee was discovered in Ethiopia at the end of the 11th century and was used it for its medical properties. Coke was created in 1886 with DR. John Pemberton by mistake and was the beginning of this drink. To decide which drink is better in general two main factors the ingredients and their effect on health. The first factor to comparing ingredients. Both coffee and coke contain calories, sodium, sugars, carbohydrate, and caffeine. Calories in coffee (2mg) is 49 times less than coke (98mg) and it could increase human weight which can lead to heart attacks according to soda vs coffee. (2013). As for Sodium coffee has (5mg) fife time less than coke (27mg) and it may increase blood pressure which can lead to heart disease Soda vs Coffee. (2013). Next is Sugars coffee is (0mg) whereas coke is (22mg) twenty time more the effect of gating a large amount of sugar could increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease in the article for Soda vs Coffee (2013). Next to that is carbohydrate that amount of carbohydrate in coffee is (2g) and its less than in coke (26g) by ten time and it helps the body enough energy to move all day but getting a large amount of may affect the body by making it gain more fat and if the body didn’t get enough amount of it, the body will start eating its own muscle which will affect the body by making it more skinny and weak and can’t recover itself. Lastly, caffeine the Arabic coffee has (100mg) and the normal coffee has (80mg) when the coke has (20 to 50mg) of caffeine, Casselbury, (2010) states that drinking a large amount of caffeine can lead to interfering with sleep, caffeine dependence and jittery, in addition, Chalabi, (2017) point out that normal healthy adults can drink about 400mg of caffeine in a day.   The second faces are on the effect of caffeine, Casselbury shows us that caffeine has same health value, firstly it lowers the risk of stroke and of Parkinson’s, it seems that caffeine might protect against Alzheimer’s disease, reduces the risk cardiovascular disease and reduces the risk of liver cancer and liver disease. Despite this, some say that If someone wants low carbohydrate diet usually he needs healthy fat like coconut oil and grass-fed butter consumers can get benefits (BULLETPROOF STAFF, (2011)). the most different between coffee and coke is coffee is warm drink and coke is cold drink, but nowadays there is cold coffee its for people who don’t have a time and need to drink coffee and Coca-Cola start to make coffee coke in Japan which contain a larger amount of caffeine in it.   In short, if a person wants to make a choice between coffee and cake than think about health it is ingredients it seems that coffee is suffering for people who must wake up in the morning and the hard worker and coke may not be healthy for your body be because it only gives temporary energy boost for the human body.

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