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Clyde F. Crews, author of Ultimate Questions describes in the chapter “The Foundation Shake” about political (American and French Revolution), technological (locomotive, telephone), philosophical, and religious events that shape the history of late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. However, the focus of this chapter was to analyze  Marx, Darwin, and Freud ideas about human life and destiny by asking the following questions to the three thinkers: What is the nature of the universe? How does humanity fit into this picture? What is the fundamental flaw in the human situation? What, if any, is the remedy for this flaw?First, Charles Darwin  focuses more in the survival and evolution concepts. He says that the universe is a destiny through an eternal species and structures, but it is no more than absolute survival. Also, he says that humanity is an extension of the animal kingdom, and that is why survival is the fundamental element of human beings that ends in evolution.Then, Karl Marx ideas were based on materialism. He believes that human beings fights with material emotion. He also says that men and women are aliens in this world because they are  separated from self-worth, necessary physical resources, and true community.Finally, Sigmund Freud emphasizes the understanding of human personality. He believes that every person has conflict with his or her inner self, and those conflicts are revealed through dreams. He also sees sexuality as a major component of human activity.In summary, Darwin, Marx, and Freud  are important figures from the nineteenth century who established the new world views. Now, living in the twenty-one century, If I have had to answer those four question I will would say the following answers:What is the nature of the universe? Since I was a kid, I learned that the universe is supported through the theory of the “Big Bang”. Today scientists are still trying to understand and answer the magnificence of the universe.  I will say that the secret of the universe is increasing the curiosity of humans and maybe one day this question will be answered. How does humanity fit into this picture? This question is very interesting because everyone wants to know what is the role of the human being on this planet. Some people are trying to understand psychologically and biologically the human body and see how it connects to the environment. Some people may say that every person has a purpose on this planet; others are trying to answer this question through  religious beliefs. This question is still without answer, I think that one reason for this is that humanity is immersed in a globalization era that make us to live a busy life. What is the fundamental flaw in the human situation? Personally, I believe that the flaw of humanity is the seeking for power and having control over others. What, if any, is the remedy for this flaw?  The remedy for this flaw is the human itself, because we are those who are looking for answers. The day that we get together without seeking power over others and try to be the best we can be, it will be the day that we will resolve the mystery of the universe and the role of humanity in this world.

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