Signs of Pervasive Spreading Recently there has been an overwhelming sign of the pervasive spreading of open-source data management software. Giant companies like IBM are drawn to support open-source development to stay in competitive market. IBM is contributing more than half a million lines of relational database code within “Derby,” the name it’s giving to its current Cloudscape product (Vaas, 2004). Even the software giant Microsoft have some support to open-source development which are economically beneficial to them.

French (2001) said that this comes as no surprise to him, given that SourceForge. net currently supports more than 9,000 open source software projects for Microsoft platforms! Although these are just about open-source in general, but to the open-source database management software exactly the same thing is happening. Evans Data Corp. ‘s Fall 2005 Database Development Survey, found that deployment of MySQL, for example, increased by more than 25 percent in that time (Vaas, 2005).

Moreover, the reliability of MySQL have proven itself to be better or comparable to expensive proprietary software. Regarding security, Evans Data found that proprietary database servers are more likely to have suffered a security breach in the past year than their open-source brethren (Vaas, 2005). CONCLUSION Given the increasing popularity of open-source software, there is a clear indication that it will dominate the field of database management soon. Economics would force a growing demand on the low cost value of open-source database.

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All the open-source software has to do is to stand the test of time, dispel the rumors of performance issues and grow in its support side, then it will become the future of database management tool.


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