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Cloudflare is an incredibly popular American content delivery network (CDN) company which also provides internet security services, DDoS migration, DNS services, and user’s hosting provider as a reverse proxy for your website. It can go a long way towards improving your website performance. If you don’t know what a CDN provider is, you may struggle to understand the services offered by Cloudflare.What is CDN?A content delivery network (CDN) providers is a largely distributed network of servers that usually cache website’s data and monitor the sites to decrease its vulnerability to the user, as well as improve performance. When you open or click a website link, the further away from its server you are, the longer it will take to get the response, that’s how a website works. To overcome this problem, CDN service providers develop multiple web server and allows you to forward to your closest web server, so that you can browse the specific website as soon as possible.As an amazing and widely popular CDN service, Cloudflare helps you to solve the problem of slow server response time, and also improves website performance. How? Of course, it does in a pretty simple manner. When your website is under Cloudflare service maintenance, it caches your websites specific data, like images, CSS, JavaScript files, etc. When someone visits your site by clicking the domain or URL, these cached files will be delivered to their browser from the nearest Cloudflare server. Which means those visitors can browse your website faster than usually they could before, (depends on your hosting provider). This process also boosts your hosting plan, because visitors get the data directly from Cloudflare caching server, not from your hosting provider. This way, your hosting company will charge you less money for saving their bandwidth.What does Cloudflare offer?With Cloudflare, all of your website traffic will be monetarized and go through its global network of data servers. It has more than thirty data centers and 110 global severs across the world, prioritized by high density of internet users in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. It also has a website to provide notification and let you know the status of the servers. Excluding the CDN based service, Cloudflare has a lot of features to optimize your website from the different aspects. Here are some of the awesome features, Cloudflare offers for your website:Security Services: Cloudflare security service offers to help safeguard your website against malicious attacks including:Malicious/persistent bot attack,DDoS attack,SQL injections, andComment spam.In early 2014, Cloudflare disclosed the largest DDoS attack in the internet history, which immensely increased the company reputation and experience in preventing large scale attacks. To active Cloudflare protection offer, you need to bypass your DNS to Cloudflare DNS services. Because of that, attackers won’t be able to determine your DNS and the rest will be handled by Cloudflare. If attackers could get your DNS and IP address, they could attack your server directly.Website optimization: Website optimization: Cloudflare ensures its users to render every single page of their website as fast and efficiently as possible. You may think, visitors are not using same type of device nowadays. What will happen to the mobile, tablet, smartwatch users? Well, Cloudflare offers optimization for all kind of devices available in the market. These are some of the optimization features offered by Cloudflare, you can use to optimize your website:Rocket loader: Which automatically bundles JavaScript files and cache it to Cloudflare server to minimize the number of connection and boost down page rendering.Local Storage Caching: Which uses modern browsers of visitors, like Google Chrome, Firefox and smartphones browser to intelligently download data once your website is being visited by them to render faster next time.HTTP/2: Latest technology of HTTP service, which ensure the quick delivery of the content from your website to the user around the world with multiplexing, header compression and stream priority.Browser Optimization: This feature ensure the accurate delivery process of content and data from your server to the user’s devices. Different user may use different devices or browsers, but Cloudflare technology choose the best contents for each device to load the site fast and efficient which also prioritize to prevent changes happening with different resolution.Aggressive GZIP: Aggressive GZIP helps to compress the website and send it to the visitor’s browser and then decompress it for a complete dynamic and original view of the website. If any operating system, firewall, browsers incorrectly claims or doesn’t allow to decompress the files, Cloudflare aggressive GZIP force them to do that.Analytics: The coolest feature regarding user experience is Cloudflare’s analytics page. This page gives you a complete analytical report of your websites in both free and premium plans. Analytics page displays-Total visitors,Regular traffic,Crawlers,Bot visitors, andThreats, etc.App Store: Cloudflare also has an app store which allows to install and use app for your website and can be selected through your account. These apps, especially, tools may use to improve your website in different ways. Take ScrapeSheild for an example. This small tool help you monitor websites that are using your contents. You can determine whether they are doing it with or without your permission. There are also some useful extension or integration as: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and VigLink tools available on the Cloudflare website.Cloudflare offers four different types of plan for their subscriptions. The types are: Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. You can choose any of them according to your websites capability and needs. Lots of people are using Cloudflare for different purposes. Some people are using Cloudflare to optimize their website, some are using to improve their website loading speed to the visitors end; others are using tom make their websites more secure.

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