Climate example, people are currently vulnerable to

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change in the world.

            According to Ban Ki-moon, a South Korean Leader, “We are
the first generation to be able to end poverty, and the last generation that
can take steps to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Future generations
will judge us harshly if we fail to uphold our moral and historical
responsibilities” (as cited at, n.d.). In
other words, people are responsible for taking care of the environment because
if they do not care for the environment the climate change will be affect the planet.
In the near future, the planet will lose natural resources. Humans and animals
will be affected by the extreme change. For example, people are currently
vulnerable to climate change impacts such as droughts, floods, heat waves,
extreme weather events and sea-level
rise. Species of animals are hit hard by climate change in the planet. Climate change is one of the biggest problems
in the world right now. Global warming or climate change is the rising average
of temperature in the atmosphere near the earth’s surface. This research paper
examines how global warming is a big issue that affects the people, the environment
and the world. For the past fifty years, the causes and future effects of
global warning have been studied and are still being studied. If it does stop
now, results would be catastrophic.

to David Suzuki, “Climate change is a change in the climate system that persist
for several decades or longer” (2017, para.2). In other words, climate change
is a disturbance in the normal weather found in a place. Climate change is also
a change in Earth’s climate. Weather can change in a few hours or even through
millions of years.

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to the fourth report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (Anonymous,
2007) human activities are the main causes of global warming. There are only a
few alternatives to survival for the species in response to climate change. If
species are proficient to an evolution change or not having a rapid evolution
changes, it is possible that adaptation or acclimation to changing environmental
conditions can take place.

change has affected the world in the last years and natural resources are in
danger to the climate change. For example, the glaciers are in danger because
there are melting and the polar bears are in danger of extinction. The reasons
of climate change sometimes are natural, For example, volcanic eruptions and
changes in the ocean. The most relevant reason for climate change is the amount of energy that coming from the
sun. Some experts consider that is not only a natural reason to have a climate
change in the world. Most of the experts say that most of the warning is due to
the fuels that people use to generate energy. The process of burning fuels
heat-trapping gases, such as carbon dioxide, into the air and effects already
are occurring. For example, snow and ice cover is decreasing and, sea levels
are rising. Growing seasons and, precipitation patterns are changing. Is probably that sea-level rise and melting of snow
and ice are likely as Earth warms. The warming climate will likely cause more,
droughts, floods and heat waves. The heat waves may get hotter, and hurricanes
may get stronger. People in the world
are taking steps to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These steps
include using more clean energy and using energy more efficiently. People need to
change their habits to have a clean environment.
People in the world are taking steps to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These steps include, using more
clean energy and using energy more efficiently. People need change their habits
to have a clean environment.

change is having impacts on water quality in the United States. The temperature
of water has been increasing in a lot of rivers and lakes. United States has a
change in water parameters and micro pollutant concentrations and this problem
will affect drinking water. Therefore, these impacts on water will have
possible economics impacts. Water quality is valued for commercial activities
and recreational activities, these include rivers and lakes visits. Numerous
studies projected the value of water quality change at recreational areas.
Climate change is projecting to have negative impacts on water quality in the
United States.

on climate change say that global warming is for human activities, and some of the
U.S. adults are agreeing. Some research does recommend that climate specific
knowledge can predict acceptance of global warning as well as climate change
concern between adolescents and adults, demonstrating that climate education
may have potential to overcome ideologically driven polarization. Still, in
United States a recent survey of professors advise that climate education is
low. Professors are
concerning about the knowledge of climate science and the scientific consensus
on anthropogenic global warning and considering the importance of climate
change education in schools. In 2016 a national survey of United States
professors found that although a vast majority of middle and high school
science professors (70% and 87%, respectively), dedicate an hour of instruction
to climate change, 30% highlight that global warming is due to natural causes
and 31% professor both sides. In United States less than half of professors
responded to the correct proportion of climate scientists who think global
warming is caused mostly by human activities. The alarming fact that so little
time is dedicate to climate change aside, these numbers call into question the
quality of climate education our children are receiving. The most troubling
aspect of this study was that professor’s political ideology was the most
powerful predictor of their classroom approach. This would suggest that the
biggest determinate of how our children are presented information about climate
change in science classroom is driven by a factor that is incredibly hard to
change and largely independent from science.

Carolina State University provided written informed consent. Students and their
parents/guardians were given either a passive consent form or an active consent
form, per the preference of the professors and school. The passive consent from
was only signed and returned if the parents or students did not want to
participate. The active consent form was signed and turned to indicated consent
to participate in the study. For this study the University of North Carolina
State chose to focus on middle school students because they are at an age where
they start applying their knowledge to real world situations and making
informed decisions. The participating professors were each asked to randomly
select a class to be involved in the study by flipping a coin. To measure student
and professor beliefs in anthropogenic global warning, they used two items from
one of the only published instruments used with both adult and adolescent’s
population. They measure climate change knowledge among students and professors
thought global warning was happening and another measured whether they thought
it was human caused.

found that only professors belief that climate change was happening predicted
the beliefs of their students. Specifically, they found that professors belief
that global warming was happening was strong, positive predictor of student’s
belief that global warming was happening and human caused. They also found that
students climate change knowledge was a strong, positive predictor of student’s
belief that global warming is happening and human caused, supporting our
assertion that if students can assemble the basic background information they
will figure out human causes independent of professor’s beliefs in them. Several
studies have documented similar differences, and future research should address
the role of gender socialization, racial and ethnic identity, and exposure to
climate change risks as potential factors shaping climate change perceptions
among adolescents.



change in the world is one of the most important problems in these days. People
need change their habits for a better environment in the world. If people think
for a second about climate change they can found a lot of problems that have
the planet. For example, glaciers are melting and the animals that live if this
habitat are in dangerous of extinction another example is the temperature of
the water is grew up and in the future people cannot drink water and also, they
cannot use the rivers or lakes as a recreational area. On the other hand,
parents, professors and people need act and teach to the kids to care the
environment and use more natural resources in their life. Kids can learn how
care the environment, what are the causes that have climate change or global
warning and they can explain their parents what is happening in the planet. If
people do not care the environment all the natural resources will be destroy
and people is part of the environment so in the future new generation will live
the impacts that people now are causing. Therefore, if people begin care the
environment they can save a lot of species in dangerous of extinction and live
without pollution in the water, without pollution in the air, without pollution
in the earth, the sun’s rays would not affect the earth and the glaciers would
not be melted.




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