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Chuck Hildebrant

 Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati

The career of Chuck Hildebrant                     

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The career of Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati

The career of Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati Ohio

Chuck Hildebrant started his career in the tertiary sector in the 1970s.He is well-known for all the work he has done in the telecom sector. In the year 1981, Chuck entered the telecommunications industry. He worked passionately in the cellular sector and made remarkable developments in the wireless technology. Moving from the restaurant industry to the telecom sector was a big leap for Chuck ‘s career, but he definitely proved himself.

Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati has been successful in setting up businesses in various business sectors. His efforts made 3 of his companies get publicly listed. Furthermore, he has served as a member of the board of directors in many companies .This includes the 50 telecom company, which was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies that generated a huge revenue. Its record breaking growth in terms of revenue brought more recognition to Chuck Hilderant Ohio’s work.

Chuck comes from a family that has a background of bringing in new ideas. The inventions for tire changing, battery charging and things like bumper jacks come from his family. Following the footsteps of innovation he has invested his efforts in the development of wireless networks and innovation of small devices.

Chuck Hidebrant’s love for the social cause

Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati has volunteered as an EMS and a fireman. In addition to that, Chuck has also worked in Ohio as an state arson investigator. He has been very active in fund-raising activities for building up a new church in the state of Ohio. His efforts even resulted in setting up a donation record. Chuck has also given his services as the board member or trustee to many different churches.

Chuck is an active member of the wireless communication sector and renders his consultancy services to businesses ranging from small –scale to large publicly listed businesses. Chuck Hildebrant’s remarkable work for four decades has earned him many different honors. This includes the entrepreneur of the year award as well as the deal maker of the year award.

Chuck’s strategic planning and professional

Chuck Hildebrant has been working as a president for the Kylan group that offers various solutions to its clients in the wireless arena. Apart from that, he is the CEO of the Oaks wireless group. The Oaks wireless group offers services for a successful deployment of DAS, Wi-fi and small cell. This veteran is serving the telecom sector with his experience and knowledge he has earned over the period of 35 years.

Chuck has enjoyed a successful family life along with a bright professional career. Today Chuck is living a great life with his lovely wife Susan and the pet dog named Willow. He has two sons and he is a grandfather of two little boys as well

Chuck Hildebrant Ohio

Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati Ohio

The career of Chuck Hildebrant Ohio          

About the career of Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati

About the career of Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati Ohio

Chuck Hildebrant has emerged as a successful entrepreneur and a very well established professional business man from the state of Ohio. After completing his education from the Bible College and seminary he moved on to follow his career path. Starting his career from a restaurant in the 1970s, Chuck never knew where his passion would take him. It was in the beginning of 1980s when Chuck got his first breakthrough in the sector of communications industry.

Entering the telecom sector was just the beginning of a new success path for Chuck. The technical innovations and developments contributed by Chuck in the field of wireless networks cannot be easily ignored. Three of his companies got publicly listed. One of the companies Chuck was associated with, even made a highly noticeable growth in terms of revenue. The company earned millions of dollars and made a record.

Today, Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati is serving the Oaks wireless group as a CEO. The firm has been offering wireless solutions to its clients since many years. Chuck is using his professional expertise in the communications sector to benefit the firm. In addition to this, Chuck Cincinnati is also a president for the Kylan group that offers consultancy services in the wireless domain. The Kylan group has a team of proficient experts that offers great solutions to cater the needs of wireless networks.

Chuck Hildebrant’s outstanding performance in the telecommunication sector has earned him many awards and honors. In the year 2004, Chuck was declared the Entrepreneur of the year by the Cincinnati Business courier and he was also given the deal maker of the year award. Chuck Hildebrant till date uses his more than 30 years of experience to serve the telecom sector of industry.

Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati

Chuck has proved himself as a responsible member of the society. Apart from fulfilling the duties of a fireman and EMS in Cincinnati, Chuck Hildebrant has been very active in raising funds for many noble causes such as the construction of many churches. Chuck has also been a trustee and one of the board of directors for many churches.

Personal life of Chuck Cinncinnati Ohio

Chuck has lived a happy married life with his wife Susan. The couple got blessed with two brilliant sons. Today, Chuck is loving the joy of being a grandparent to the two lovely boys. The family even includes a pet dog- Willow, who with Chuck and his wife in their house in Florida.




Chuck Hildebrant-the great businessman

Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati-the great businessman

Chuck Hildebrant-a successful business man    

Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati- a successful business man              

The successful career of Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati Ohio


There are very few people who are able to attain a noticeable success in the career path chosen. Chuck Hildebrant is one of those few who passionately pursued a career in the telecom sector and managed to gain success. Who knew Chuck from Ohio who started his career from a restaurant would actually turn into a successful and highly acknowledged professional businessman?

In the 1970s, Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati began working for a restaurant and entered the industry of telecommunications in the 1980s.It was here that he grew professionally and used his expertise to gain success. He set up three companies that got listed publicly. One of his companies showed drastic growth trends with a revenue generation of millions of dollars.

Chuck went to the Bible College and seminary for education. Apart from being a productive part of the industry, Chuck has also proved to be a responsible citizen of the society. He has voluntarily provided his services as an EMS and a fireman. Apart from that, Chuck has also participated in the fund raising activities organized for church constructions. Funds raised by him have even been able to break the donation collection records.

Currently, Chuck Hildebrant is the CEO of the Oaks wireless group. Moreover, Chuck is also presiding the team of professionals in the Kylan group company known for offering services in the wireless sector. After working for more than 30 years, Chuck is still an active and productive member of the industry.













Who is Chuck Hildebrant?

Knowing more about Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati-the great businessman

Knowing Chuck Hildebrant-a successful business man 

Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati- a prosperous business man           

The inspiring Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati Ohio


Chuck Hildebrant comes from Cincinnati. This city of Ohio is the place where Chuck started his career from. He entered the industry in the 1970 by becoming a part of a restaurant, it was not until the 1980s, when he managed to enter the telecom sector of the industry. His passion to make a difference and perform exceptionally helped him attain exceptional success.

Chuck successfully managed to get 3 of his companies listed. The record breaking revenue growth in one of his companies brought his skills into the limelight. The caliber of Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati has been appreciated by many awards given to him. For instance, Chuck was announced the entrepreneur of the year in 2004 by the Cincinnati Business Courier. He was even given the deal maker of the year award.

Being a responsible U.S citizen, Chuck has fulfilled his social responsibility. He volunteered for the firefighting services as well as the emergency medical services. Apart from this, Chuck has contributed a lot in getting funds raised for the churches. Some record making donation collections are to his credit. He has even been on the board of directors and worked as a trustee for many churches.

After working tirelessly for about four decades, Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati still refuses to retire from work. Currently, he is offering his services to the Kylan group as a president. In addition to this, he is also the CEO of the Oaks wireless group. The companies offer their clients various services and solutions related to making the wireless networks.Chuck uses his expertise and skills to benefit the companies in the best manner.

Chuck has been lucky to have a lovely family by his side. He is a farther to two sons and he is enjoying the joy of being a granddad today. Chuck Hildebrant and his wife reside in Florida.















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