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With reference to two religions discussed in the ‘From Sacred Text to Internet’ explore the ways in which technological innovations have affected representations of religion. Introduction A question this complex can easily be misinterpreted, hence this discussion has been broken down into several distinctive areas. Initially definitions of what representation and presentation are as well as a comparison between the two terminology’s will be made.

The next part will focus on new technological innovations available and the effects that these have had on the representation of the religions such as Christianity and Hinduism. Finally a discussion on the traditional representation and ‘new’ emerging religions will be entered and how these have led to changes in religious beliefs through both the differences and uniformity of distinctive religions. Representation Representation is a multifaceted awareness that requires an appreciation of core beliefs associated with a religion.

How religions are represented is dependent on the means for communication used to relay their beliefs and how those involved with passing the beliefs on, give consideration to the personal perspectives of the audience. There are fundamental differences between the many religions and how individuals and society understand and comprehend what ‘message’ they have been exposed to. Some religions believe that there is one ultimate supreme entity which countless people may call ‘God’ and whom, it is believed, chooses to have limited interaction with humanity and only converses with the selected messengers.

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There are other religions that believe in a ubiquitous uncongenial certainty that the individual must achieve absolute self-understanding through an awareness of dissecting one’s self. There are also those religions that bring together characteristics from both forms. It is important to be aware of the supercilious(??? ) agenda of traditional religions and their propensity to declare themselves the ‘ultimate’ religion. This propensity plays an important role in communicating what they represent, their philosophy and how they are presented.

Presentation Presentation is how an ideology, concept or theory is presented to others, either individually or collectively, on a local or global scale. There will also be a differentiation in the presentation when the religion is presented to either its own members or those of the outside world. This may be conveyed through text, images, symbols, iconic monuments, statues, rituals, institutions and schools. No one religion will use just one of these mediums but rather an assortment of mediums to differing extents. Technological Innovation

Technological innovation has a tremendous influence on the method in which religions present, maintain and broadcast their knowledge and tradition. Importantly the form of transmission will also differ in societies that are more or less technologically developed. Technological developments in the 21st century have helped to develop dedicated single interest channels on Satellite/cable TV, radio and the Internet. These channels assist in lowering the barriers of distance and cost of ‘broadcasting’ their message by providing the means for humans to interact on a global scale.

While television/radio has broadcasting regulators, the Internet is ‘unregulated’ and its transnational character has ‘made the Internet an attractive venue for those who wished to share views and services that, might normally fall foul of legal constraints’. (Beckerlegge, 2204, p. 221). It the hotbed of religious ‘strength’ in North America in late 1959, the proto-type Internet was first developed and for 10 years this service was solely used by Americans. It took until the early 1970’s to finally open this up for other countries, however at this time it was still ‘dominated by users in North America’.

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