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Chinese Philosophies
refers to any of the several different schools on philosophical. You will be
reading about the following, Confucianism, Legalism and Daoism/ Taoism. These
three Chinese philosophies are very different and similar in many ways. You
will be reading about the women, morals and government in Confucianism,
Legalism and Daoism.

Confucianism women, morals and government. Men were in a
higher position than men. Men decided when women had power and honor to be
mother in the husband’s family. Women were not taught math’s like men instead
women were taught etiquette, manners and household management. They were taught
to be unselfish and willing to do anything for their husbands. Moral system was
aimed at human development. Kongzi had few moral principles. Everyone has to
listen and respect elders, parents and rulers. Everyone must be trustworthy, do
the right thing and respect cultivate wisdom and rituals. A good ruler is a
superior man. A good ruler will appoint the well-being of the people. Government
must be fiscally sensitive, mindful of the heavy burden taxation places on the

Legalism women, morals and government. Women were seen as
property of men and had very little rights. They could not own property or go
to court. They had no access to schools that prepared people for government
positions. Some women were powerful but only because of their husband or
father. Legalism people had to obey laws fully, honor the government and have
faith in it. There are moral limits on government which ban then from acting on
the substantive merits of situation, which they have to deal with. Strict laws
kept them in line. Legalists thought if there were strict laws to make ensure
order in society. Ruler alone possesses power. Shi Huangdi used legalist ideas
to unite China

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Daoism women, morals and government. Women were priests,
nuns and teaches. Men and women were only different by their hats not by role.
Harmony is a very important moral for Taoism. Taoism tells you that the world
is amazing and humans destroy the world. Taoism respect the difference of
balance between light and darkness. Taoism don’t allow actions that would
destroy this balance like murder and lying. Taoists like the government with
the fewest rules and laws. Daoists have a small government.

These three Chinese philosophies Legalism, Confucianism and
Daoism are similar and different. Women in these philosophies are similar but
have many differences. The morals and governments are different and similar.
Daoism women worked long men as teachers. Legalism women were seen as property.
Confucianism women were in a position lower than men. In morals you always had
to respect the laws and rules. In governments some liked a government with
little laws and rules. Some liked governments with lots and strict rules and
laws. Those are three Chinese philosophies.








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