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Chapter 2

2.1 What are the consequences of prejudices and stereotypes?

we explained in the other chapter prejudice and stereotypes are something that
happens in society on daily basis, everyone gets effected by prejudices and
stereotypes. Stereotypes can have different consequences it can be negative and
positive. Sometimes us as humans don’t realize how disruptive prejudice is, we
tend to prejudice without caring about the consequences. We tend to bring
people down to make ourselves feel better. Prejudice has a lot of negative
effects but we chose these 5.

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It can hurt other people:

because someone can’t hear you say something or can’t listen to your thoughts
on how you feel about them doesn’t make it any better. Because our words remain
forever they cannot simply disappear. If you say something about someone, you
may forget what you said, but that person that it was about will remember
forever. Judging someone can never bring positivity in to your life it will
only bring negative energy. So the only thing it does is
cause harm.

It’s not good for your own happiness.

when we judge someone it does not do anything but cause pain and not only for
the person you have judged but also for yourself and you end up feeling bad
about it. But that’s not the only thing. Psychological research has shown how
positively we see other people, how happy we are with our own life and we
realize how much love we have around us. If you only try to judge others
positively instead of negatively you will see major improvements in your
well-being and happiness.

It makes you more close-minded.

more you prejudice and stereotype, the smaller your view of the world will
become. It’s as if you are building a walls around you and you fall
into a hole. How you view the world becomes so small and you cannot experience,
appreciate and see how beautiful diversity actually is.

It bring negativity in to the world.

matter how you want to defend or the reason for your judgements they will never
bring joy into your life and the world. Mother Teresa was once asked “What can
we do to bring world peace?” and her answer was “Go home and love your family.”
If we would just stop judging our own family members like parents not speaking
to their children because of their sexuality there would be a lot more loving
relationships. If we did not judge our colleagues/classmates at work/school
there would be a much more pleasant atmosphere at school or at work.


It has an effect on your self-esteem.

you are judging others, it is almost certain that you, yourself, are judging
yourself harshly. The more you judge others on what they are wearing, the more
you pressure you put on yourself to look good because you do not want others to
have anything to say about you. Judging others gives you a sense of insecurity
and you always feel the need to prove yourself. Think about it people who are
self-assured see no need to judge others and bring them down so that they can
feel better about themselves. Uncertain people do that.

about the worst prejudice that you have committed, you will go through all the
factors as a consequence of the action that you just committed. Coming from being
a victim of prejudice and also committing prejudice on other people I felt all
of these five factors. At first you hurt other people as I explained in the
foreword I felt unsafe, helpless and sad after what happened to me. This gives
you a different perspective of the world it makes you close minded why? Because
at one point I did not expect anything else from local people from Cura?ao.
This is not good because there are more intelligent /accepting people in Cura?ao
who don’t judge a book by its cover and are caring in any way possible. I
totally believe in the quote “What goes around comes around”, if you throw
negativity you will receive negativity back.

is not good because we should throw positivity in the world instead of
negativity, we should stop judging people and start treating people with
respect and love. You also start questioning whether being attracted to the
same sex is something wrong, you lose the self-confidence you have. The person
who made you feel like this is probably more judgmental to himself than to
other people. These negative effects can also increase other problems such as:
1 emotional and physical problems, it can increase alcohol and drug use. People
can get postpartum depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety. 2 social,
financial and educational problems, someone can lose motivation to go to school
not get accepted to certain schools, lose their job. 3 Society and business
problems, certain people won’t buy product because of judging the product,
people won’t work anymore because of a bad work environment. 4 Politics
problems, this can fuel conflicts with other countries and causes wars.

Imran was a victim of prejudice we felt the need to make a change, to change
society so the next generation doesn’t have to feel unsafe and judged for the
way they live their life.

stereotyping can also have positive consequences. Some Factors are:

People feel empowered. After prejudice you want a change, you are willing to
fight for this cause you don’t want the future generation to have to go through
the same things you had to.

It boost people’s self-esteem. After the Harvey Weinstein scandal women felt
less ashamed of being sexual harassed or assaulted and were finally telling
their stories so that others realize that it’s not the victims fault and that
it’s okay to open up and stand up for your rights. They dealt with the problems
and showed self-confidence.

It holds the person committing the crime accountable for their actions. In
Charlottesville the attacker who killed two people by driving a car over them
is facing over 50 years in prison.

Society shifts for the better. After the Harvey Weinstein scandal, famous
global companies like McDonald’s created a safer work environment for their



Do prejudices arise because of ethnic minorities?

minorities are a group of people with a different nationality then the main
population in a land, country or community.

A very good
example of a group who suffered because of ethnic minorities are the Jews
during the WO II. Millions of Jews their lives got put to an end in German
concentration camps by the Nazi’s who wanted to keep Germany “pure”.

Another example
that happened this year was the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville,
Virginia. It was organized by White supremacist, Klansmen, Neo- Nazis and some
more racist groups. The reason they were rallying was because the statue of
General Robert E Lee was set to be removed. On August 11th marchers
united at the University of Virginia carrying torches and chanting a bunch of
racist slogans.

Trump has also
been accused of holding prejudices against ethnic minorities. He has often
referred to Mexicans in the US as rapists and that they are always engaged with
criminal activities which is why he wants to build a wall to reduce the amount
of immigration. The Mexicans aren’t the only ones who have been a victim to
Trumps prejudices. He has also made prejudice remarks about woman, African-
Americans, Muslims and he recently wanted to put a ban on transgender troops in
the US military.

So what we can
gather from these cases is that a lot of times prejudices can lead to
discrimination. Because these people are insecure it’s easier for them to blame
all of their problems on a group who has no power and won’t fight back easily.
And if your own president is doing it the citizens will also think that it’s an
okay and normal thing to do. According to a research done around the globe and
written about in an article published by “Cliffs Notes” it has shown that
prejudices are related to low self-esteem. Hating on these groups makes them
feel better about themselves and that raises their self-worth.












2.3 How are these prejudices and
stereotypes influenced by the media?

Social media
has become the most popular platform for people to express their opinions to
others. Not only on apps like Instagram, twitter and Facebook but also through
TV shows, movies and advertisements. But are these platforms the main cause of
Stereotypes and prejudices?

There are a lot
of analyses done that prove that mass media’s are one of the main causes for
racial and gender stereotypes. A few examples are that has been proven that
white television viewers who watch shows about stereotyped black people
behavior will higher the chance of them to judge a black defendant guilty of a
crimes. Another example is that after a research understanding prejudice
concluded that men who watch movie scenes objectifying woman higher the chance
of believing that a rape victim experienced pleasure.

The influence
that these platforms have only lasted a few minutes but once you activate these
thoughts they can always come back if you get into an argument or discussion
with someone. And if someone’s always on social media or watching television
they will most likely start to believe that what they are being fed is actually
true and counts for everyone in a particular group. And these thoughts can
become permanent.

But the media can also have a positive influence.

Here in Curacao a lot of people are very close minded about
sensitive subjects especially the older generation. But social media helped
opening Imran & I’s eyes a lot and made us more accepting of a lot of
things which we believe is the case for a lot of people who use social media.
In an article published by “Greater Good Magazine” on September 7th
2016 they wrote about par asocial contact hypothesis which they describe as “having a one-sided interaction with media
characters, perceiving them as real people and feeling like we could know them
in real life. When we talk to these people we could feel better about the
entire group.” 2

And not only that but when we see other people having
positive interactions with someone from another group we will approach others
faster because it reduces our concerns of having an interaction with someone
from another group which makes us more accepting of others.

There are even social media accounts who encourage racial and
culture equality and help people to learn more about the different cultures and
to respect the different races. 

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