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Chapter 1INTRODUCTION Soil deposits exist in an extremely irregular manner innature thereby producing an infinite variety of combination which will affectthe strength of the soil and many other soil parameter.  Engineers are oftenfaced with the problem of constructing facilities on or with soils, regarding sufficientstrength to support the loads imposed upon them either during construction orduring the service life of the structure .Many areas of India consists of soilswith high silt contents, low strengths and poor bearing capacities .The poorengineering performance of such soils has forced Engineers to attempt toimprove the engineering properties of poor quality soils .There are variousmethods that could be used to improve the performance of poor quality soils.The choice of a particular method depends mainly on the type of soil to beimproved, its characteristics and the type and degree of improvement desired ina particular application.

Stabilization of soils is an effective method forimproving the properties of soil and pavement system performance.Soil stabilization is a process which improves the physicalproperties of soil, such as increasing shear strength, bearing capacity etc.which can be done by use of controlled compaction or addition of suitableadmixtures like cement, lime and waste materials like fly ash, phosphor gypsumetc. The technique of soil stabilization using plastic can be effectively usedto meet the challenges of society, to reduce the quantities of waste, producinguseful material from non-useful waste materials.Increased use of plastics in day to day consumerapplications has resulted in the municipal solid waste, an ever growingfraction of plastic materials which were used for a short time and thendiscarded. The linear consumption patterns of plastic bags involving singleusage and then disposal has led to environmental challenges such as diminishinglandfill space, marine and urban littering. There is, therefore a growing needto find alternative uses of reclaimed plastic bag waste to lengthen the usagetime of the plastic material and thereby save the degrading environment.

Theconcept of reinforcing soil masses with strips of plastic cover may berelatively, a new development. In contrast, the use of random-materials asreinforcement for soil is probably not older than written history, but onlysparsely represented.Utilizing new soilstabilization technology, a process of cross-linking of soil and plastic canreplace traditional road/house construction methods in an environmentally friendly and effective way.

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