CHAPTER sustainable development. The organization operates in Bihar,

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1.1 About the NGO

1.2 Objectives of the NGO

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1.3 Vision and Mission of the NGO

1.4 Growth and development of the NGO

            1.5 Milestones/ Achievements




2.1 Project details & its impact on the


3: INTERN CONTRIBUTION TO NGO (Depending upon the contribution the numbering
could be increased or decreased)

3.1 Systems related like website/software/app/social media etc.

3.2 Project related like fund raising/consultancy/administration

3.3 Any other support from Intern to NGO




      4.1 General observations & Findings

Analyze whether the projects/activities are in line with the vision
& mission of the NGO as stated in introduction

      4.2 Suggestions/recommendations

      4.2.1 Give suggestions
for improvements based on your findings. 

      4.2.2 Give
recommendations for expansion/course correction (if any)

      4.3 Personal learning & Experience.

      4.3.1 As a management

      4.3.2 As an individual.




             ANNEXURE A

             ANNEXURE B















Disha Gramin Vikas Manch is a non-governmental organization. Disha
Gramin Vikas Manch works in the area of Art & Culture, Children, Civic
Issues, Disaster Management, Education & Literacy, Environment and natural
resource management, Food and Agriculture, Health & Nutrition, HIV/AIDS,
Human Rights, Labour & Employment, Legal Awareness & Aid, Micro Finance
(SHGs), New & Renewable Energy, Panchayati Raj, Prisoners Issues, Rural
Development & Poverty Alleviation, Sports, Vocational Training, Water and
Sanitation, Women’s Development & Empowerment, Youth Affairs, etc. The
organization works towards the promotion of sustainable development. The
organization operates in Bihar, India.


1.1   ABOUT

The promoter and the
Secretary of this organization Mr. Manoj kr. Pandey, M.A., has been a person of
creative zeal since his very childhood. After Graduation, he
worked as a journalist for over 15 years during which he visited hundreds of
villages of Bihar, Jharkhand and of several other States and perceived the
problems of the poor, suffering, oppressed and striving villagers and this
arose in him a sentiment to come in the social field and since them he came
forward to unite the creative force of his village and to form an Organization
and on 2nd October 1999 DISHA GRAMIN VIKAS MANCH was formally launched, which
has been the outcome of his efforts and today it has caught a creative



The overall objective of the organization is the
uplift of social, moral, economic, educational, cultural and integrative status
of the society based on equality, liberty, social justice and democratic way of



of Local-Self-Governance with the civic Engagements through Gandhian Ideology
and Social Humanity.


Rural Development through strengthening the weaker section, women, distressed
and the neglected Communities of the society.



                                      NGO PROJECTS

Disha Gramin Vikas Manch deals under three main project:

·       Childline 1098

Vocational Training for Rural School Dropout Youth
with the support of Functional Vocational Training and Research Society(FVTRS)
, bangalore.

·       Farmer Producing



CHILDLINE 1098 is a national, 24X7, free, phone and outreach service for the
children in need of Care and Protection. Organization is a collaborative
partner of CHILDLINE India Foundation in Bhagalpur district. Under the
preventive mode CHILDLINE service has three basic principles:

Outreach and spread Awareness among
different stakeholders,

 Open House with children to ensure their
participation &

help a child in need of Care and Protection with available resources and


Every month we have been
working based on these three basic steps. With a team of seven full time
members we organized different programmes and innovations under this


Outreach & Awareness
Programme: The Outreach and awareness of the service
is spread by the CHILDLINE Team at railway stations, market places, schools,
Villages, Bus Stand, with PRI members etc. In addition, CHILDLINE organizes
workshops with children to discuss innovative ways to spread the message of
CHIDLINE through street theatre, songs, games and posters. CHILDLINE Bhagalpur
conducts Outreach activities 60-80 times a month with children, Community
members, Panchayati Rajya Institution members, Self Help Groups, Farmers Clubs
etc. to create awareness on CHILDLINE 1098.


Open House: This programme we have been organizing once in a month on
regular basis. It comprises primarily of young people-many of them have been in
difficult circumstances themselves. The CHILDLINE team strives to understand
the need of the child from their perspective and discuss options available with
them. CHILDLINE is committed to encouraging children’s participation in all
decisions that affect them. Children are also involved in evaluating the
service through Open Houses. More than a free platform for children to express
opinions, give suggestions, address conflicts and give feedbacks, Open House
serves as a means for children to assess, review and evaluate
CHILDLINE. This open, uninhibited interaction allows the CHILDLINE team along
with the children to identify solutions to problems. It is an extension of
outreach and sometimes also becomes a juvenile court in the case of a conflict.
Thus giving children the authority to judge a situation and decide a verdict or
determine a course of action in relation to a problem. It also serves as an
opportunity to share the positive encounters between children and functionaries
of the allied systems, like the police, health personnel etc. who otherwise
traditionally share a relationship of mistrust. This helps not only in giving
insights for improving the service, but also in building a relationship of
trust with the children.


CNCP Cases interventions:
the CHILDLINE 1098 service is a part of Integrated Child Protection Scheme
(ICPS), we intervened CNCP (Child in need of Care and Protection – as described
in Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 & Rule 2007) cases. CHILDINE intervenes all
the cases of needy children who are found from Outreach activities/ referred by
other CHILDLINE/Different Stakeholders/ Newspapers etc. During the year we have
intervened more than 200 cases of needy children. The Overall scenario is:

CHILDLINE Advisory Board
Meeting: The CAB is the principal policy-making body of
CHILDLINE at the district level and is responsible for ensuring the effective
functioning of CHILDLINE. The board comprises of government officials, NGOs,
corporates and concerned individuals. The key functions of the CAB are to
review the functioning of CHILDLINE and suggest measures to enhance the
service. This would include:

·       Monitoring
the quality of service provided by CHILDLINE by reviewing calls received and
response strategies.

·       Ensuring
that there is a co-ordination between government departments and NGOs in
responding to the children in need of care and protection.

·       Taking
measures to ensure that there are adequate services for children in need of
care and protection

 Suggesting measures to address problems and
issues faced by CHILDLINE During the year we organized One District Level CAB
meeting and 9 Block level CAB meetings.


se Dosti Campaign: This is a weeklong national campaign aims
to make ordinary citizens stakeholders in CHILDLINE 1098. It is the objective
to reach out to people from different walks of life to get to know CHILDLINE,
begin to care about vulnerable children and initiate action towards change. The
ostensible purpose of this campaign is to generate a Million ‘Dosts’ for
CHILDLINE and acquaint people with Child Rights and Protection.

Vocational Training


 Organization started working on a pioneering
project supported by the Functional

Training and Research Society, Bangalore. FVTRS approved the effort of
developing alternative programmes in the field of garment making and other
trades. With this innovative approach they are trying to establish Readymade
Garment Making, Design and Development (Embroidery & Pico Fall, Cell –Phone
Repairing and Electrician trade among the drop-out student of Bhagalpur and
Banka youths. This programme is aimed to empower especially the young and underprivileged
youths by creating 100
skilled operators for Ready Made Garment sector, Electric and Phone Repairing
to the unemployed and underemployed adolescents and youths by
providing technical and social skills to improve their employment opportunity,
income and upgrade social status as well as to benefit employers through
improved performance by creating 100 skilled operators in the project period.

The Project
activities are implemented at Gandhi Dham, Baijani, Bhagalpur through different

batches of youths.
Awareness campaign was spread among the villagers and youths before execution
of programme with the help of Self Help Groups, Joint Liability Groups,
farmer’s club and Youth Clubs. Even newspapers and social media was used to

spread the information.
Different forms of advertisement techniques like posters and pamphlet distribution
was also used. 100 candidates were selected according to FVTRS guidelines. The selected
candidates were divided into four batches and were prepared for the training.
The training programme taught them properly accordingly the guideline of FVTRS.
They also provided them Entrepreneurship development programme, which was the
most important part of the programme, was organized for each batches
separately. During the training period of 5 days on this subject, the trainees
were informed and were motivated to participate in discussions on various
social topics /issues like Right to Information, health, cleanliness, marketing
of milk products, HIV, etc. Apart from these training sessions, the active
participation from local branch of Bank of India helped in the motivating the
young trainees. By regular inspection of the project’s progress and being satisfied
by the activities, Bank of India agreed to provide financial loans to 27
trainees, which helped in making the project a big success.

Producing Organisation

This project aims
to form a Producer Company of members of small and marginal farmers JLG in
Bhagalpur District. These members are in two blocks namely; Shahkund and
Jagdishpur Bhagalpur District. Goat rearing is a multiple source of family
income for them. All these families are economically poor, politically
marginalised and socially excluded. Project also aims to integrate the goat
rearing activity with the goat meat trade in an integrated manner by
introducing supply chain management technologies. The targeted zone is remote
areas of villages like forest land. The proposed project intended to promote
and strengthen an FPO in the production zone by forming of 80 JLGs with about
400 goat rearing progressive marginal farmers.We focused on different area of
difficulties like lack of grazing land, lack of veterinary services,
non-availability of improved quality breeding bucks and medicines. We organised
work shop and training awareness programme for the support of this
activity.This year we did many kinds of interventions according to need of
project. We formed the FPO namely Aang Bakri palak Sangh Producer Company
Limited and organised the training of Board members with the help of NABARD.
The members of company were very happy with the activity












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