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Chapter 2   The next day, Charles was still thinking about the Grouch. He went down the stairs, and his mother yelled at him for having his cat, Moxie, in his room the night before. One of the ways Charles could always get to Gloria pissed was to remind her about the latest boyfriend who dumped her. Charles went to the harbor and walked around for a few hours. During his walk, he got to thinking about living another four years in the family’s five-bedroom apartment in New York because he feels cramped and surrounded by woman 24/7. It was a reasonably long walk because Justin’s house is on top of the cliff several miles north of the harbor. When he arrived, Charles asked Justin if he could coach him to pass the exam and he answered by saying “no Certainly not”(Holland page28). Charles felt like everything is going terrible and blaming himself for everything until it was dark. When McLeod came towards him he saw Charles sitting in the front and asked “what are you still doing here and where are you from” but Charles did not respond. He said from “The other side of the harbor. Charles has been sitting there for four hours almost in the dark and cold. Instead of taking him back to the Island, he drove through the gate to his home. Charles kept on bringing the coaching things and how his sisters are getting A’s to McLeod. He decided to say yes to coach Charles three hours every morning five days a week. He has not told his mother or Gloria about this only Meg. Chapter 3Charles went early in the morning at McLeod’s to find him riding on top of a type of horse. After airplanes Charles loves horses. Charles carried with him shopping bags full of his books even known McLeod told him it is not necessary because he had plenty. In the daylight. McLeod had an athletic build and salt and pepper gray hair. Charles thought that he is in his early forties. They both walked into a room with several walls were lined with bookshelves, and there were a significantly big desk and a table where McLeod told Charles to put down his books.Charles looked around the house which seems old because by looking at the roof and the windows and the walk on top of it. When Charles insisted that he didn’t need to write the 300-word composition that McLeod said to him to write an essay if not pick up his books and leave. McLeod had meant what he said because Charles was stubborn enough to not listen to his directions. That is when Charles decided to stay and write the three hundred words paper. Charles pain was in getting a thousand words of the original essay by Jake Rodman who is Joey’s older brother. Jake won prizes on pieces, and his mother has saved them and Charles have used them on several other teachers. After McLeod has read it, he was convinced that Charles did not write the papers because there was no grammar mistakes or spelling either and if he wrote these documents while writing the exam he would have for sure gotten into St. Matthew’s without a doubt.Chapter 4Over the next few weeks, nothing big has happened except for him to go to McLeod’s house for the exam prep every day and to bring back homework. His mother didn’t know where he was going every morning but was usually satisfied with his answer that he was just going around or had been at the “boathouse” or “the harbor.” She was suspicious about sometimes because he had books with him and also she had never seen him with one on a daily basis. At one point, her suspiciousness led to her thinking that he was doing drugs and his books were a cover-up. She told him how worried she was that he’d get into drugs like so many other boys. Meg was the only family member who knew what he was doing, and she is the curious one who what’s Charles would either pass the entry exam or be dead by the end of the summer. One morning after dawn, Meg decided to walk into Charles’s room while Moxie was also there. She plunked herself down on the bed, and that’s when Charles asked ” why don’t you go on a diet” and responded by saying” I know I’m fat. Don’t make a personal remark about it”. He made her cry by saying that she looks fat and he tried to comfort her. Later on, by saying sorry and explain that she is perfect and he didn’t mean to say what he said. After Charles goes to McLeod’s house to prepare for the exam once again. He explains to McLeod that he had two stepfathers in the past years the first one is Gloria’s father and then the second one is the one nicknamed “the hairball.”Chapter 5It was after midnight when Charles got home from Mcleod’s house because he kept Charles for half an hour overtime. The morning after, Gloria introduced Percy, her new Princeton boyfriend, to Charles. She decided to pick up one of Charles books and, fearing that it was McLeod’s book and his name might be inside, so he spilled milk even before she opened it. Percy looked at Gloria in a new way like falling in love with her more. Gloria had her sweet act on, but the real Gloria was released when she hurled viciously at Charles. After that whole incident happened, he went up to his room and opened the book that he spilled milk on finds out that it indeed had his name in it. It also had the notation: “St. Matthew’s School, 1958.” Since 1958 was only thirteen years before, he must have been a teacher there. He had re-read “High Flight” and enjoyed it even more. An hour later, Charles was up in his room, and there was a loud banging on his door, and it was Meg. She walked in and started talking about Gloria. Meg was playing with her friends until Gloria walks in with a double-dip chocolate chip marshmallow ice cream cone which meant she wanted something in return. She asked a few questions about Charles to know what was going on with him. Meg told her that Charles was studying by himself but had discovered some morning hideout where he can have peace.Chapter 6Charles began staying with McLeod and having lunch with him. Charles’s interest in history and math grew which made him think about the future. Meg always said that his math grades the whole system would have to go back to the Wright brothers before they’d let him in the Air Force Academy. McLeod had written a series of novels which are inappropriate by “Terence Blake.” The novels were a mixture of mythology and science. Charles knew of the series and was quite impressed.  Another time, Charles was copying down the poem that McLeod was reading to him which was “High Flight” so that he can keep it in a notebook that he had had since he was seven years old about flying. He had been studying for six hours and taught sounded like the worst nightmare to him of sweat labor. But to be honest, he was enjoying himself which since he wasn’t any shakes as a student even now. Charles looked up and saw McLeod who was rearranging some books on the shelf. The right side of his face was turned toward him so that he could see a swatch of the burn coming around his chin and lot of gray in his hair well people get them at the age of thirty. He responded saying that he got into a car accident but he was too drunk too even realize. He slid on some ice and went over the side of the road down a narrow alley.Chapter 7Charles has thought that there is something special about grown-ups and he turned out to be like the rest of them. Charles was angry and worried because McLeod didn’t return. He went to the harbor and took a small boat to the sheltered bay. When he turned into the bay, he welcomed by a bunch of the local boys. Pete Minton asked him how his studying was going and Tommy Klein asked how the guy without a face was doing. Charles didn’t want to smoke anything, but the other boys forced him to. After he has high, he told the others that McLeod’s accident that he was drunk driving and killed a boy. Charles thought he has passed out after that happened. Charles realized that he could see his father’s face. It had a red scar on one the side, but it was getting smaller and smaller. The next morning early Charles sneaked down to get some milk and breakfast. But even after that, he had eaten a couple of bowls of cereal, and four toast with butter and honey drunk two glasses of milk did not feel like himself after that. He remembered that he ratted McLeod, Charles had told Pete about McLeod’s drunken driving and killing of a kid then he wished he never said it. After that had happened for rest of the walk he convinced himself that in view of the way he’d acted towards Charles was justified.Chapter 8McLeod told Charles not to run away from people, things and here he had done the same thing. At home, Charles’s mother was caught up in wedding plans for her. She and Barry were courting Gloria, trying to convince her to be happy that her mother is getting married. Meg was the wedding and the expectations of having a father. Charles gave it a thought and said that Barry looks smarter than he realized. Charles still wanted to have a relation with McLeod but got conflicting signals from him. Sometimes he seemed open to building a relationship at other times the door closed shut which made him think about his father. As days went by, Charles realized that he was trying to get things back like before. He’d make that not right for a  move in a burst of sympathy or something. Then they both went off to the sea and played around like little children. Charles had forgotten that McLeod is an adult, a teacher and is forty years old. They both swam for a while and turned back to the shore. After getting out of the water Charles explain to McLeod that he ratted him out about how he got into an accident drunk and with a kid. That was a reason to not talk about his parents because he needs a father and didn’t want to tell him about Barry and his mother.Chapter 9Charles lived in a cocoon for a month. He went there just to forget about everything the family, the gang, New York, and even St. Matthews but to be honest he was there because of the exam coming up to get into that school. Charles’s mother and Barry were in New York for the rest of the summer looking for an apartment. Gloria, her father, and his wife took a trip to Mexico. Meg decided to go camp for a couple of weeks. Charles stayed home alone with moxie free around the house. Charles and McLeod went swimming almost every day. McLeod said that the word “free it can mean one had to be free from something or free to do something said, McLeod.” Charles was pleased to be free from his family because he sees them and always with them 24/7. They talked about the love of family but “love.” McLeod said, “by looking at your face that word is not liked to be used by you.”That is when Charles felt the undertow pull him down. He was pretty far out in the water, but McLeod was right there to tow him in. Halfway close to the shore Charles realizes the icy undertow was no longer pulling on his feet. After he got out of the water, he started drying himself and then climbed onto a flat rock and laid down. Most days, they just swam, and occasional gray days they walked, carrying sandwiches and drink out of the streams. In a way they had conversations made the coaching part easier because McLeod knew how many things taught and what could Charles expect the exam.Chapter 10Charles spent a weekend with Justin not working but swimming, walking, reading, arguing and even letting Richard get used to him. Richard is the horse that Charles been trying to bond with him for a while. One Sunday morning Charles arrived at McLeod’s house at seven thirty. He walked into the house and searched for him everywhere but finally, he found him in the kitchen drinking coffee and reading a book. Charles saw Justin dressed up fancy unlike the usual which is work pants or jeans and sweater or sweatshirt. He dressed; differently, he wore a white shirt and a tie with a tweed jacket. Charles asked Justin “where are you going dressed like that” and McLeod responded by saying “going to church for the usual reason to participate in public worship. When McLeod started to head out of the house, Charles ran to the car and decided he wanted to go with and the Mickey who is Justin’s dog. When they got to church, they left Micky in the car and they both walked into church sat down quietly on the benches. While the priest was talking, Charles started to get dizzy, so he ran outside on the low wall running around the churchyard. After they both to Justin’s house they decided to drive down to the sea and lay on the rock and talk. After McLeod dropped Charles off at Lansings he wrote a note saying he was going down to his house and went back out again and walked down along the shore to our cottage.Chapter 11During the night when Charles got home from  McLeod’s house, the lights downstairs turned on. So he calls out Moxie, and it sounded like a cat was crying because usually there’s gravelly meow and Moxie runs from somewhere. Moxie was laying down the stairs Moxie was low crying because he had blood around his mouth and his legs wouldn’t move. Charles tried picking him up which caused him to cry, and blood oozed out of him. Charles tried calling the vet who is near him but there was no answer, and also Justin didn’t pick up his phone. There was no answering service although he dialed three times. He tried calling an operator to help across the country, and he said to carry him to a car and gave Charles instructions as to how he should lift Moxie up. Charles stood there wondering which neighbors to call first and which one has a car here.  He tried asking neighbors they weren’t home or didn’t have a car. There were only a few neighbors who had cars at their summer places. He couldn’t locate anyone with a car. He looked in all the rooms of his house for his mother’s telephone book that contained more numbers for him to try to call for help. Charles heard something in his bedroom, so he went up to check what it was and he finds Gloria and Percy on his bed. Charles wasn’t staring at them he was at Percy’s tan boots that covered in blood and red hair and fought with Percy until he left, an hour later Moxie passed away.Chapter 12Charles went to repeat the exam that he flunked at St. Matthews and passed so went to for the beginning of the school term ten days later. His mother and Barry get married while apartment hunting in New York. One day in November Charles had a dream about Justin and Barry was in it too. Barry with a snapshot of Charles’s father said, “the man without a face is not Justin it’s your father.” As the semester goes on, McLeod has to see Charles and apologizes for the way that they have parted, so he hitches a ride back again to McLeod’s house. When Charles got to McLeod’s house, everything was locked the barn the house, so he found a window open and got in. The electricity had been turned off, so Charles decides to make a fire by putting some wood in the range. After he had some soup and crackers, he decides to take down his favorite book by  Terence Blake. When Charles opened the book there was a piece of paper fell out he picked it up and realized that it is a note from Justin. McLeod wrote that he is grateful for the friendship and love that they share. He tells Charles to forgive his father because he has done his best. The next morning Charles got woken up by Barry and said the bad news to Charles which already knew what was going on. He said that Justin had a heart attack in Scotland and passed away a month ago. When they both almost walked down the house Charles takes a couple of books of Justin’s as in for memories of Justin. Barry said that all the books and everything is Charles because Justin has left the house and everything for Charles.

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