CHAPTER countries in the world use English as

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chapter deals with introduction in relation to background of the problems, identification
the problems, limitation of the problems, formulation of the problems,
objective of the research and significant of study.

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of the Study

this globalization era, English is taught as a foreign language in Indonesia.
It has an important role in the world, in term of communication and
interaction. As an international language, most countries in the world use
English as medium of communication in entire aspects of life. Meanwhile, In
Indonesia English is considered as a foreign language (EFL). It also has been
introduced to educational institutions which are learnt from Elementary School
up to university as compulsory subject. The ability to speak English has always
become a very important goal for learners of this language both its natural and
foreign setting.  Speaking is an
important aspect in language learning. By speaking, speaker and listener can
get information or ideas. Speaking is an oral communication which maintains
social relationship with others. On the other hand, most of students think that
speaking is the most difficult skill when they learn English as a foreign
language. There are potential problems that can hinder the students to speak.
There are shyness, nervousness, feeling afraid of making mistakes, do not know
how to pronounce certain words and low level of motivation. Those factors above
become the reasons why the people often get problems in speaking though they
have to study English more than years. Among the factors influencing students’
learning, motivation is taught to be a very important reason for different

on the writer’s experience in conducting observation in the second semester
students of English department of Ahmad Dahlan University, it’s found that
there is still limited interaction in speaking class. Most students are
unwilling to express their idea or opinion using English. They thought speaking
is the most difficult part in learning English as a foreign language. It is
also being supported by some students’ statement that said English is one of
the difficult subjects to be studied. Therefore, they need a teacher who can motivate
them so that it can increase their eagerness in learning English.

 In fact, mostly, at the first time the
students are glad when they would like to face English as their l subject. They
felt happy and curious to study English. But, during the time to time, their
motivation is lower than before. Most of them are getting bored to have this
subject. Consequently, the aim of teaching English is far from the objective.
Considering those statements, the writer realizes that it’s because they had
low motivation so that when they found difficulties they tend to be lazy in
learning the language; consequently they are notable to speak in English.

the light of considerations above, the writer attracted to investigate whether there
is a correlation between students’ speaking ability and students’ motivation.
So far, people believe that the more motivation the students have is the more
ability in speaking students have. But this sentence should be proven by giving
any kind of data. Furthermore, the writer also has a willingness to find out
how far the motivation can contribute to students’ speaking ability.

1.2 Identification of the Problems 

on the background of the study, the researcher identifies the problems of the
research as follows:

1.      Students
get difficulties in speaking

2.      Students’
motivation in learning English is still low

3.      Students’
motivation in speaking is still low

4.      Students
are lack of vocabulary knowledge

5.      Students’
speaking ability is still low

6.      Students
feel shy when the teacher asks them to speak English

7.      Students’
environment does not give the positive support

8.      Students
do not practice their English in class or outside the class


1.3 Limitation of the Problems

on the identification of the problems, the researcher limit this research on
the correlation between students’ motivation and their speaking ability at second
semester of PBI student of Ahmad Dahlan University and also to find out how far
motivation can contribute in students’ speaking ability.


1.4 Formulation of the Problems

on the limitation of the problems mentioned above, the researcher formulates
the research problems as follows:

1.      Is
there any correlation between motivation and speaking ability of the second
semester students of English department of UAD?

2.      How
far does the motivation contribute students’ speaking ability at the second
semester students of English department of UAD?




1.5 Objectives of the Research

on the formulation of the problem above, the objective of this research is to investigate:

1.      Whether
there is significant correlation between motivation and speaking ability at the
second semester students of English Education Department of UAD?

2.      To
find out the contribution of motivation toward students’ speaking ability at
the second semester students of English Education Department of UAD?


 1.6 Significance
of the Study

is hope that the result of the research can be used as:

1.      Information
for English teachers, to motivate the students in learning English so that the
students have a high motivation in speaking English.

2.      A
contribution for the university to improve and increase English teaching learning
process especially in speaking class.

3.       Practically, it may be used to inform the
readers about contribution of the motivation toward students’ ability in
speaking English.

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