Chapter a resort village. German aircraft strikes again.

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Chapter 1 ~ The book begins in the summer of 1935 when Antonina wakes up to take care of creatures called gibbons. For a few pages, Ackerman tells us a bit of Antonina and her husband’s history. Jan becomes  zoo director in 1929. Jan and Antonina get married in 1931 and in 1932 have a son named Ry?.  Antonina thinks she has a strange gift that allows her to talk to animals.Chapter 2 ~ Jan tries to stop Adolf, a rhesus monkey, while Antonina observes animals. She longs for people to connect more with their animal natures. Antonina often invites artists and reporters to the zoo.  Chapter 3 ~ Jan meets Magdalena Gross, a sculptor. He suggest Mag to stay in zoo and sculpt the animals. Mags and Antonia forms a strong friendship. Summer of 1939, Rhys befriends badger, but a war is brewing. Chapter 4 ~Because German air forces attacked near the zoo, Jan sends Antonina to a resort village. German aircraft strikes again. Jan arrives days later to take Antonia back to zoo, but the zoo is badly damaged. Jan and Antonina were forced to evacuate. Chapter 5 ~Jan joins the army, Antonina and Ry? move into a small apartment in city. They depends on the kindness of old women downstairs to help her with food and other necessities. Occasionally, Antonia leaves the apartment and wanders the city, looking at wreckage. She worries about teenage boys left in charge” of the animals. But Antonina doesn’t worry about such small details. She only thinks of the animals, and she herself feels like a hunted animal.Chapter 6 ~ Nazi bombers bomb Warsaw, including the zoo. Antonina tries to rescue the animals. Some animals survive, but she can’t find Ry?’s pet badger. Later, Jan bumped into a German officer, who turned out to be Dr. Müller, a fellow member of the International Association of Zoo Directors. Müller helped Jan escape by “arresting” him, bringing him to Warsaw as a prisoner, then releasing him. Antonina and Jan go back to the zoo to find any more wounded animals, then return to their apartment. Warsaw officially surrenders to Germany and they take over. Antonina and Jan return to the zoo for good. The Polish Resistance is forming and Jan is interested in being a part of it.   Chapter 7 ~ Antonina and Jan were visited by the representative for Lutz Heck, who was the director of the Berlin Zoo. Heck wants all the Warsaw Zoo’s animals. Since the zoo is in danger of being liquidated, Antonina and Jan ponder if they should accept the offer.()Chapter 8 ~  We find out that Heck is obsessed with resurrecting three pure-blooded and  extinct species: tarpans, aurochsen, and the European bison. His obsession with animal purity starts seeping over into human races later on. The Nazis ar

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