Change involves human activity and as result of

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 Change is established
in order to stabilize global economy with the assumption of fair prices without
disturbances. Neoliberalism has greatly involves human activity and as result
of privatization, negatively it has influenced increase in  insecurity and economic inequality, increase
of shareholder value and  violation of
human rights that hinders the growth of the economy

The  growth that has been pursued in the economy
without control  limitation and
regulation leads to human greed that result to increase in economic inequality.
Selfishness leads to illegal behaviours that lowers the interest of self
achievements which does not contribute to the economy. The consequence is
indication of inequality and leads to insecurity to the concern. Top Companies
put more effort to get more profit by using hidden way of sucking money from
others without their knowledge . Workers get poor salary pay with poor working
environment, like in small scale sectors because of low income the laborers are
not guaranteed to any property protection (adil 4)

Continuous increase in Inequality
of income and distribution of resources has influenced greatly to an increase
of shareholder value with the assumption of creating financial stability in the
market which is ironical instead it leads to financial crisis. The policy is
created regardless of the social effect. The expectation of increasing
shareholder value does not give greater value in the market because this does
not benefit companies with low income meaning that inequality will never end
due to inability to reach the high value standard.

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In conclusion the  economic inequality has greatly affected the
free market due to lack of liberalism regulations  that 
controls finance  leads to
financial crisis, companies with financial stability are continually increasing
the shareholder value to get more profit and this affects the low income

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