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Central Highlands – a promising land in Vietnam

Read on to see the charming natural and cultural beauty of Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

The S-shaped land of Vietnam possesses exquisite natural settings of spectacular mountains and stunning beaches and long-lasting culture. The mountainous area of Central Highlands which is home to many different ethnic groups is an exceptionally suitable destination for a Vietnam cultural tour. Also, the majestic landscapes are another “plus” attraction of this region. Let’s explore the charm of this promising land.

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Perfect mountainous landscapes

More than 95% of the whole area of the Central Highlands is mountainous terrain. Paying a visit to the Central Highlands, visitors would stand in awe as the majestic mountains loom in front of them. The mountains seem to dominate the whole horizon whichever direction you are looking. It looks like a giant beast who took a nap and will never wake up. The mountains are covered with dense jungles and dotted with awe-inspiring waterfalls.

Taking a deeper discovery to the jungle, you will be amazed by the fascinating ecological system with various kinds of wild animals and the alluring aroma of the beautiful flowers.

A distinctive feature of the Central Highlands is the elephant. This is the one and only region in Vietnam where elephants live. The elephant symbolizes the strength and prosperity of the local families and villages. It has been so close to the local people that whenever talking about the Central Highlands, the image of elephants is the first to pop up in people’s minds. Riding the elephant, consequently, has become one of the top things to do in Central Highlands, Vietnam.

With the basalt soil, the Central Highlands provides a perfect environment for coffee tree, cacao, pepper, and rubber tree to grow. Especially, the coffee seed from Dak Lak province is regarded as one of the best coffee seeds all over the world. You can pay a visit to the coffee tree plantation during your Vietnam tours to see how the local has produced this high-qualified product. And of course, don’t forget to take a sip of Vietnamese coffee. The strong black coffee made from these perfect seeds will definitely steal your heart.

Dalat – a city with western atmosphere

In addition to the perfect mountainous scenery of the whole area, in Central Highlands also locates Dalat, which is famous as the “little Paris” in Vietnam. With an irresistible appeal, Dalat is always among the top places to visit in Central Highlands Vietnam. The romantic city possesses many poetic attractions such as Xuan Huong Lake, Valley of Love, Flower Garden, and majestic pine forests. The cool climate makes the city even more appealing to tourists. Furthermore, there are many old Western-style villas and buildings around the city. It is unimaginable that you can feel the western atmosphere at a mountainous city in a tropical eastern country.

Space of Gong Culture

The Central Highlands is home to many ethnic groups (M’Nong, Ede, Ba Na, Xo Dang, Co Ho, etc.). They still well preserve their traditions and cultural activities. Houses on stilts and the heroic epics are the distinctive features of this land. More interestingly, taking a Vietnam cultural tour to the Central Highlands, you will have the opportunity to get exposure to the Matriarchal society of the ethnic groups, namely Ede and M’Nong.

Of course, we cannot ignore the Gong Music when talking about the culture of Central Highlands’ people. Gong Music is closely tied to the rituals and ceremonies of local ethnic people all over the 5 provinces of this area.

The must-have item in any traditional music performances of the local people is the gongs, which are made from brass, silver, gold, and bronze. Different groups have different sets of gongs. A set of gongs normally consists of about 12-14 units, some sets even includes up to 20 items. T’rung and Klong Put are the fantastic musical instruments which can only found in the Central Highlands.  

Together with other traditional hand-made musical instruments, the gongs create excellent pieces of music. The Gong music is performed on the special occasions. It enhances the bond of the people, regardless of their different identities.

With its high cultural value, the Space of Gong Music has been recognized by UNESCO as “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

As home to a variety of ethnic groups, Central Highlands is obviously a perfect place for a Vietnam cultural tour. Not only the marvelous landscapes but also the cultural activities of the local people will definitely leave you in awe. 

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