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Cause of getting married

Since the beginning of humanity, marriage has been in existence. However, the cause that leads to marriage between couples is viewed from different perspectives. Typically, marriage is caused by one partner falling in love with another, the desire to for the partners to have kids, and the hope for a better future. However, the resulting effects of marriage are many responsibilities and reduced social opportunities though it leads to a better future.

The foundations of marriage are established when partners fall in love. Love might develop at first sight between two people leading to their marriage, or sometimes takes long before marriage occurs. In addition to that, emotional support, intimacy, companionship, and the sense of fulfillment to both partners in a love might also culminate in a marriage.

Therefore, love between married couples exists as a consuming fire, leaving them no chance but the desire to live together and sustains their marriage as a family. Prevailing love between couples engaged in a marriage consumes them like death and fire, thus, making love a compelling force.

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However, marriage gets complete when kids are born to the newly created family. Thus, kids are of the motivating factors in marriage. When kids are newly born to a family, more joy is added to the marriage. However, families that do not get a kid in their first few years of marriage become anxious and worried, causing some of them to break up.

Therefore, getting kids in a marriage is one way of fitting into the social life of the community at large. Thus, love, the desire for emotional support, intimacy, and lifetime companionship form the foundations of a better future. Despite the causes of marriage, marriage brings a number of challenges and reduced social opportunities after partners have settled down, thought it leads to a better life.

Effect of Getting Married

Getting married comes with many responsibilities. These include the need for couples to understanding one another. When a marriage begins, husbands and wives realize a need to understand each other’s prevalence, emotions, likes, and dislikes. It is at this time that patience plays a critical role in enabling a marriage last. In addition to that, getting married reduces social opportunities available to the married couple.

This is due to the husband and wife getting involved in raising their family and having less time for social commitments. It is at that stage that marriages get more challenges and more often than not, break. However, as the couple gets committed to their marriage, the marriage lasts and becomes stronger, leading to happy and better future for the couple. Thus, one of the ultimate effects of marriage is happiness and a better future.


Marriage is an institution that has been in existence since the beginning of humanity. However, a number of reasons show various reasons for marriage. Marriage has been identified to be caused by the existence of love between couples, the desire for kids, and desire to have a better future.

A better future gets realized when both husband and wife understand each other, when love between them gets, and, keeps burning, and when both of them make strong commitments to their family. Thus, it rests as a responsibility on both the husband and the wife to take sustainably the family from one level of happiness to the other, despite the challenges they might experience on the way.

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