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Throughout history During World War II, millions of European Jews suffered and died at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his anti-Semitic Nazi regime. In the historical fiction Night, the author Elie Wiesel, portrays to the readers the emotional truth behind the Holocaust, based on his experience. He insists: “The Read more…

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A Critique of “Gone to Soldiers” by Marge PiercyA Critique of “Gone to Soldiers” by Marge PiercyThe novel Gone to Soldiers by Marge Piercy intricately weaves the livesof many different people into a connected series of individual plots that givethe reader an exciting view of life during World War II. Read more…

Ferdinand Porsche was born on September 3, 1875. Always interested in thingsmechanical, at the age of 15 he equipped his family’s home with electricity, designing andbuilding the generator and even the light bulb. The name Porsche first appeared on a carin 1900, the Lohner-Porsche, a battery-powered car that was first Read more…


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