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The dishwasher is a motorized or mechanical or machine-driven equipment used for cleaning different types tableware for better efficiency, quality and saves time. It cleans the tableware by spraying water at the tableware with higher temperature which approximately ranges between 40 – 70 Degree Celsius and on delicate tableware we Read more…

ettingHills as the sun radiates on them.

ettingHills Like White Elephants: The Symbolism of the SettingIn Ernest Hemingway’s story “Hills Like White Elephants” an American couple issitting at a table in a train station in Spain. They are discussing beer,travel, and whether or not to have an abortion. The train station and itssurroundings are symbolic in this Read more…

(3) (5) Transferability of DEPB and advance

(3) License on production programme basis has been allowed with flex­ibility like the change in description of an export product. Advance license with actual user condition have been allowed based on posi­tive value addition only. Advance licenses to export houses/trading houses/star trading houses/super star trading houses are now being issued Read more…


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